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25 days of the prophecy of Raila Amolo Odinga!!!

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Isi isubiye mu w’1884

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Abakomeza gukora amasengesho,niko mukomeza gucirwaho iteka n’ubutabera bw’Ijuru!!?

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      prayers vs file_n°

Umuriro w’ubuhanuzi

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Taiwan’s Message for China: We Have a Nuke-Like Weapon

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At least one of Taiwan’s “eggs” can kill tens of millions of Chinese, perhaps more.China’s Three Gorges Dam creates a reservoir of 39.3 billion cubic meters of water on the Yangtze River and is upstream from about 400 million people. Almost 30% of China’s population, therefore, is at risk of a catastrophic failure of the structure, such as one caused by a missile strike. That means Taiwan possesses a conventional weapon that packs the wallop of a nuclear one.

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