Thanks to the Policies of the Obama and Biden Administrations, the New Axis of Evil – Russia, China, North Korea, Iran  Posing a Worldwide Existential Threat


The Biden administration… is also financing the ruling mullahs of Iran with billions of dollars to put the finishing touches on the country’s nuclear program and for delivering more weapons to Russia with which to attack Ukraine.

Akari inyuma karahinda icyuma cy’indege cyashyushye!!!



Ibimenyetso byo kuvaho kw’ingoma y’abega birakomanga!!!

Biden Administration’s Dangerous, Failed, Disastrous Iran Policy

The US, instead of stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, is bribing the mullahs not to go to 90% enrichment [the level needed for a nuclear bomb], at least on the Biden administration’s watch, especially ahead of the November 2024 US presidential election.Meanwhile, Iran laughably keeps claiming that it is not even seeking a nuclear bomb.

China Taking Over While Europe Sleeps

Europe is in “complete denial” as China proceeds to spread its influence on the continent. At least that is the urgent, unequivocal view of Ivana Karásková, a Czech foreign influence specialist and a special adviser to European Commission Vice President Věra Jourová.

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