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China’s “Unrestricted Warfare” Against the US

The Chinese Communist Party, led by China’s President Xi Jinping, has, over the years, by espionage, intellectual property theft, hacking, spying and militarizing artificial islands, initiated a bitter conflict between China and the US.

The World Is at War

[Senator JD] Vance has apparently not heard of World War II, which did not end with a negotiation either in Europe or the Pacific.Leaders, officials, and legislators across the political spectrum have gone crazy, thinking their crowd-pleasing but truly awful ideas, if implemented, will have no consequences.

Daily Jihad in France

An Islamist shouting “Allahu Akbar” on December 2 stabbed a German tourist to death near the Eiffel Tower. The murderer, again shouting, “Allahu Akbar!”, then attacked two more people, seriously wounding them. Pictured: Police forensic experts at the scene of the murder on December 2, 2023.

Ukraine: Biden Helping Putin to Win

The Biden administration’s persistent failure to provide Ukraine with the military supplies it requires poses a serious danger of gifting victory to Russian President Vladimir Putin.[T]he Ukrainians… remain desperately short of key ammunition.

Abasasamigozi bamaze abantu!!!

Umugani wabasasamigozi ukomoka Igitarama,aho abagore baho bari baramaze abagabo babahambira imigozi iyo bamaraga kugera kuburiri bamara gufata agatotsi,kuko umugore yabaga yashashe uburiri munsi agashyiramo imigozi kugirango aze kubona uko aza guhambira umugabo we amaze gusinzira kugirango abone uko amukubita iza nyakabwana.

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