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Kampanye yo kwamagana Umwakagara ku mbuga nkoranyambaga,itumye Umwakagara arekura Ingabire Victoire!!!



The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Serving Canada or Serving Islamists? by Tom Quiggin

In practice, the CBC only respects sensibilities when it comes to Islamists such as ISIS or to those who attacked Charlie Hebdo. When it comes to attacking Christians and Jews, the CBC exercises no such restraint.

President Kagame meets with US President Donald Trump at World Economic Forum in Davos

Sharia for New Year’s by Bruce Bawer

The same reporters and commentators who insist that it is absurd to worry about sharia coming to the West are, in fact, ideologically arm-in-arm with those in authority who are aggressively introducing sharia-style laws in the West, prosecuting speech that violates those laws, and issuing dark warnings — in tones unbefitting public officials in a free country — that you had better learn to be sharia-compliant or you will be sorry.

If You Hate America, Why Not Go Back to Your Country? by Majid Rafizadeh

No matter what the Islamists’ current status or situation, they would lash out at the US, the West and Americans. Meanwhile, American taxpayers were providing hundreds of thousands of dollars to them in scholarships, free accommodation, and often even a monthly stipend. By comparison, many American students struggle to pay their own tuition and housing; many graduate with debt.

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