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Fresno Lab: China’s Operation to Exterminate Americans

There were on site at least 20 potentially infectious pathogens including those causing coronavirus, HIV, hepatitis, and herpes.We know enough to be alarmed, however.

Iran’s Mullahs Escalating Aggression in Latin America, Middle East

Thanks to the appeasement policies of the Biden and Obama Administrations, the ruling mullahs of Iran, called by the US State Department the top state sponsor of terrorism, have now also emerged as a major arms exporter. Moreover, coupled with imminent nuclear bombs, they appear determined to ramp up their exports even further.

Pegasus management

Ni gute wahangana na barushimusi bakoresha ikoranabuhanga rya Pegasus bakunze kohereza muri za telephone?Iyo abashakisha kumenya imikorere yawe na bo mukorana,bashakisha telephone numbers zawe kugirango babone uko bakoherereza akamashu kitwa Pegasus gashinzwe kwiba amabanga ya bantu muri za telephone cyangwa muri za email.Gafite ubushobozi bwo gutwara icyintu cyose gasanze muri telephone cyangwa muri computer.

Any Deal with Iran Requires Congressional Approval

When President Joe Biden entered the White House… he eased off on sanctions and made it blatantly obvious he would do almost anything for a deal with Iran.

Iranian Threat in America’s Backyard, Thanks to The Biden Administration

Thanks to the Biden Administration’s apparently lack of policy towards Latin America as well as the Administration’s policy of appeasement towards Iran’s Islamist regime, the ruling mullahs have been freely violating sanctions and increasing their influence in America’s backyard without facing any consequences.

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