Monthly Archives: June 2024

US: Last Thursday Joe Biden was sleeping during debate of presidential election 2024


      riots _ 24_kenya

Gen Z bacishije bugufiya Samuei William Ruto areka finance bill


      pres surrender

Ubutegetsi bwa Samuei William Ruto mu marembera,arahitamo kwegura,cyangwa yeguzwe nimyigaragambyo!!?



Inkingi 3 z’Uhoraho Uwiteka Imana Nyiringabo zagaragaye US,UK,DRCongo zaburiwe ireng



Iran Mullahs Drastically Speed Up Their Nuclear Program, US Administration Sits Idly

The Biden administration needs urgently to take decisive action to curb Iran’s aggressive nuclear advancements. The US needs to stop its current practice of waiving sanctions on Iran and start reimposing  and enforcing  severe sanctions on the country’s oil and gas industry. US failure to act will only rapidly lead to a nuclear-armed Iran, significantly upending global stability.

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