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How Biden is Sabotaging His Peace Deal Between Israel and Saudi Arabia

Arab states are motivated to sign peace treaties with Israel when they see Israel as a winner. By pressuring Israel not to invade Rafah, the US administration is sabotaging its own efforts to persuade Saudi Arabia to normalize its ties with Israel. Pictured: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken meets with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on March 20, 2024. 

Tehran Flooding Judea and Samaria with Weapons, Iranian Officials Tell NYT

Iranian officials told the Times that Tehran had not singled out one particular terrorist organization it would support with firearms and ammunition, choosing instead to inundate the area with weapons.The majority of the weapons smuggled into Judea and Samaria are small arms and assault rifles, analysts said. However, the U.S. and Israeli officials charged that the Islamic Republic is also smuggling advanced weaponry, including anti-tank missiles and rocket-propelled grenades.

The Dangerous US Rush to Save the Terrorist Group Hamas

The Biden administration’s drift away from full support for Israel will cost more Palestinian and Israeli lives. It will encourage Hamas to keep fighting and to keep rejecting proposals for the return of hostages in exchange for a humanitarian cease-fire. Recent data show that it is not Israel that causing hunger in Gaza, it is Hamas: “Hamas, which has been hoarding food and stealing from Gazans, is the root cause of Gazans’ suffering.” Pictured: Hamas terrorists on a pickup truck “escort” trucks carrying humanitarian aid that they intend to loot, near the Rafah border crossing with Egypt in the southern Gaza Strip on December 10, 2023.


09 April, 2024 Amakuru dukesha ibiro ntaramakuru byo mu ijuru (Heaven News Media Agency) Ubuhanuzi bwavuze yuko abega batanze ikirego gihimbano muri (Interpol) basaba yuko bahabwa impapuro zo guta muri yombi (warrant of arrest) Umuhanuzi Majeshi Leon. (Interpol) bamaze kumva no kureba ikirego cyatanzwe na Leta ya Kigali, bahise bagitera utwatsi kuko kidafite ishingiro.

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