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The Destruction of Iran’s Terrorist Hub in Damascus Was Entirely Justified

The bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria was not, as the Iranians claim, simply an attack on a blameless diplomatic mission. It was a carefully targeted strike on the headquarters of the expansive terrorist network that Tehran has established throughout the Middle East. Pictured: The Iranian Embassy compound in Damascus, Syria on April 1, 2024, following an airstrike that destroyed the consulate building.

European Union: Testing Election Ahead

Instead of moving towards a European super-state or a federal outfit, the EU’s current trajectory seems to be back to the nation-state model. The coming European Parliament elections will show whether that trend is set to continue.A system is in crisis when it is hit by what in medical terms would be described as three “conditions”.The first is a growing loss of public trust in the system as a whole.

Uhoraho Uwiteka Imana Nyiringabo agiye guhana abanyamadini (religious) b’America na South Korea (religious)


Ibiro ntaramakuru byo mu ijuru (Heaven News Media Agency) biratangaza ko urwego rwa magigiri (internal security services) rwitwa DMI, rukorera imbere mu gihugu, rwahaye (mission) magigiri Kato Nicholas, kuyobora igitero cyo guhitana Umwami Kigeli Ndoli, uyu Kato Nicholas amaze igihe kirekire muri DMI uhereye intambara ikirangira aho yarashinzwe gutwika imirambo y’abahutu batwikirwaga muri NYUNGWE no mu mutara muri park.

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