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Under the Biden Administration’s Watch, Iran Sanctions are Violated with Impunity

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The Biden administration’s weak leadership — to hold accountable those who are violating Iran sanctions — is likely a critical reason the Iranian regime is flamboyantly ignoring the US and forging ahead — soon, most likely, to become a nuclear state.

Ubuhanuzi bw’Umwakagara burarangiye!!?

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Ingabo z’akarere zigiye gutera Umwakagara nk’uko ibyahanuwe byavuze!??

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Umwami asigaje iminsi (4) izarangira 27 kamena,2022

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Nuclear Sea-Launched Cruise Missile: Badly Needed for Deterrence

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U.S. President Joe Biden, overruling his top generals and military advisors in the Pentagon, has defunded development of the Sea-Launched Cruise Missile-Nuclear (SLCM-N). They warn, correctly, that SLCM-N is vitally necessary for nuclear deterrence.

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