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Hamas Also Slaughters Muslims


Awad Darawshe, 23, an Arab-Israeli paramedic, remained behind, refusing [on October 7] to abandon the wounded. “I speak Arabic. I think I can manage,” Darawshe said, supposing that he could reason with the terrorists. Perhaps he thought they would not harm a fellow Muslim Arab. He was wrong.

Urgently Needed: An Economic and National Security ‘War Cabinet’

In World War II, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill formed a wartime cabinet to unify the UK to fight the threats the country faced. In light of the recent, stark warnings given by the Five Eyes security leaders on the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party and so many others, it is time for the U.S. to propose an economic and national security “war” cabinet. Pictured: Churchill with the war cabinet in 1941; from L to R seated, John Anderson, Churchill, Clement Attlee, Anthony Eden, and back row, Arthur Greenwood, Ernest Bevin, William Aitken, and Kingsley Wood.

China: Preparing for War

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping is rapidly militarizing his country and has instructed its army to “prepare for war” and “fight and win” it.“Chinese ruler Xi Jinping replaced the senior leadership of China’s Rocket Force, which is responsible for almost all of China’s 400 or so nuclear warheads. These personnel changes are part of what is almost certainly the most ominous development of this time. It looks like Xi is contemplating using or at least threatening to use his most destructive weapons. In other words, China is planning to go to war.” — Gordon Chang, China expert, Newsweek, August 14, 2023.

Paraded Naked and Gang-Raped: The Persecution of Christians in India

“The viral video captures the harrowing ordeal endured by two Christian women…. [They] were paraded naked while a mob of men molested and beat them mercilessly…. [T]he younger woman, aged only 19, was brutally gang-raped by the enraged mob….” Report, British Asian Christian Association, May 21, 2023.

Biden Administration Funding Iran’s Nuclear Bomb Tests, Threatening Israel for Trying to Prevent Them?

Secret attempts by the Biden Administration to reach an interim deal with the mullahs threaten not only to add an estimated $100 billion into the treasury of the Iranian regime’s struggling economy, but, worse, catapult an Iranian nuclear menace onto the world.

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