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Germany’s Batty Plan to Deter Migrants by Stefan Frank

Every German knows that hardly any asylum seekers whose applications are rejected are forced to leave Germany. But if their application is rejected and they do decide to return to their home country, they are rewarded with an allowance of between €1000 ($1,200) and €3000 ($3,600).

Why Did Flynn Lie and Why Did Mueller Charge Him with Lying? by Alan M. Dershowitz

The charge to which retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has pleaded guilty may tell us a great deal about the Robert Mueller investigation.The first question is, why did Flynn lie? People who lie to the FBI generally do so because, if they told the truth, they would be admitting to a crime. But the two conversations that Flynn falsely denied having were not criminal. He may have believed they were criminal but, if he did, he was wrong.

The Europe We Want Speech from the Ambrosetti Conference by Geert Wilders

Thank you for having me here today. I applaud the fact that you invite someone who does not share your enthusiasm for the European Union. Or your European dream, as Euro commissioner Frans Timmermans just called it. To be honest: his dream is my nightmare.

Aba Republikani Bariyamiriza Amacakubiri k’Ubutaka bwa Amerika

Umurwi nyobozi k’urwego rw’Igihugu, m’umugambwe w’aba Republikani watey’ibyatsi imirwi ishir’imbere amacakubiri ikorera hano muri Amerika, hari kur’uyu wa gatanu, mu nama yabereye mu gisagara cya Nashville, muri Leta ya Tennessee.

Muslims Tell Europe: “One Day All This Will Be Ours” by Giulio Meotti

The Archbishop of Strasbourg Luc Ravel, nominated by Pope Francis in February, just declared that “Muslim believers know very well that their fertility is such today, that they call it… the Great Replacement. They tell you in a very calm, very positive way: One day all this, all this will be ours…”.

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