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The man you may think is your enemy,after taken,that’s where you’ll realize that,he was your greatest friend.

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How the Muslims train S.Sudan’s in town Nairobi-Kenya

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How muslim train S.Sudan’s to be Lesbian’s in town Nairobi

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The Inherent Strength of a Democracy

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In the movie Juarez, a 1939 film that dramatized the life of Benito Juarez, Mexico’s “George Washington,” a screen writer drafted words for the freedom fighter that send a message to every democracy today, “If a Monarch misrules; the people change… If a Presidente misrules; the people change the Presidente…” The film debuted on the eve of World War II when 20th Century “monarchy,” — fascism — had installed itself as one of the most destructive and murderous forces the world had ever endured.

Urugiye kera ruhinyuza ikinyoma!!!

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