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Europe: Fear of the Elephant and Its Mahout

European dislike for the person of Donald Trump, who is cast as the antithesis of the Davos-approved globalist worried about global warming, not interested in chest-beating about Palestine, and demanding that others not treat the US as a “room service” reachable by pressing a button, is running shivers down many spines in Paris and Berlin among other places. Pictured: Then president Trump and other heads of state deliberate at the G7 summit on June 9, 2018 in Charlevoix, Canada.

International Law or Antisemitism?

In his study on this subject, David Elber demonstrates that the UN has no possession of territorial sovereignty and therefore cannot decree the allocation of a territory over which it has no sovereignty (on the basis of the universal principle of law nemo dat quod non habet — no one can give what he does not possess), especially when this decision violates previous treaties endorsed by the UN itself. Resolution 181 only made suggestions to avoid the threat of war from the Arabs.

Roman Catholic Church Emperor mu bikorwa bya hacking ibinyamakuru bya InyangeNews Media Agnecy


Inkozi z’ikibi z’abanyamadini ziyobowe na «Roman Catholic Churches Emperor» zaraye zikoze inama y’ubugambanyi ikomeye cyane yo gushakisha uko basenya burundu ikinyamakuru www.inyangeNewss.com kugirango abantu badakomeza gusoma amabanga yabo ni uko baciriweho iteka rya burundu. Nyuma yo gushimuta www.inyangeNewss.com tukayisubizaho, bakozwe nisoni zikomeye cyane! Kandi bari bizeye ko ubugome bakoze budasubirwaho ari gaheza.

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