Daily Archives: March 14, 2024

TikTok: China’s Instrument of War

If you have TikTok on a device, you are getting what the Communist Party of China (CCP) wants you to see. The Chinese regime has used its algorithm to disseminate pro-Hamas disinformation, Russian narratives about the Ukraine war, and other pro-CCP propaganda. The Party also uses the app to try to destroy America’s young, by flooding them with messages promoting illegal drug use, self-harm, and even suicide.

NATO’s ‘Welfare’ States: Treating the U.S. As ‘Room Service

The NATO alliance today, however, more closely resembles an international welfare program than a true alliance, with most countries failing to meet their defense commitments and instead relying on the generosity of the United States.As the eminent journalist Amir Taheri put it: “others… treat the US as a ‘room service’ reachable by pressing a button…”

When the Moon Turns Red: China’s Plan to Annex Space

“Chinese control of the moon would confer control of Cis-Lunar space, the portion of space between the Earth and the moon. Control of Cis-Lunar space would give a country the ability to shoot down or otherwise disable deep-space satellites, which are essential for, among other things, the early warning of ballistic missile attacks.”  Richard Fisher of the International Assessment and Strategy Center, to the author, March 2014.

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