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Hamas’s Industrial Murder: Why Is Senator Chuck Schumer Not Demanding a Change of Leadership in Hamas and Iran?

When the terrorist organization Hamas murders, tortures, rapes and abducts Jews in Israel, do not be surprised that the Jews of today will respond with the righteous might of a nation that will never allow such crimes against humanity to be left unanswered. Pictured: A screenshot from Hamas bodycam footage showing two Palestinian terrorists from Gaza about to attack a home in southern Israel, on October 7, 2023. (Image source: Hamas)

Israel’s Strategic Game of Survival

“They wanted Israel’s counterattack, and then they wanted to hold in the tunnels and use the hostages just to buy time for the international community namely, the United States to stop the IDF in their operations…. Their only goal is to survive. … It’s all about time. They want to survive Israel’s attack against them, which gives them immense political power. If they survive in any way, they have strategically won the war.” West Point professor Col. John Spencer, The Caroline Glick Show.

“Biden’s actions are a violation of Israel’s sovereignty.”


Israel Betrayed?

It seems clear that the Biden administration would like to see the rapid creation of a Palestinian state or at least a “Palestinian unity government” — unfortunately composed of the Palestinian Authority and the terrorist group Hamas — and, abracadabra, recognize it.The Palestinian leaders have, in fact, been admirably clear: They do not want a state alongside Israel, they want a state instead of Israel.

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