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Ibice (4) by’abarwanira ingoma y’ubwami bw’uRwanda

Abantu benshi cyane babajwe ni uko kwa Rwigara Assinapol batandukanye n’Umwami Kigeli Ndoli, kandi bagatandukana nabi nyuma y’ibyabaye kubera gusuzugura itegeko ry’Uhoraho Uwiteka Imana Nyiringabo aho bategetswe gushyingira Umwami Kigeli Ndoli abakobwa babo bombi bakanga, ahubwo bagahitamo kubashyingura.

Umugore witwa Mukarushema yanga Uwiteka Imana Nyiringabo urunuka!!!


Ibiro ntaramakuru byo mu ijuru «INYANGE NEWS MEDIA AGENCY» biratangaza ko mu gihugu cy’Ububiligi hari umugore witwa «MUKARUSHEMA selfish woman» wanga ubuhanuzi n’imanza zitabera z’Uhoraho Uwiteka Imana Nyiringabo.

The EU’s Complicity in Financing the Iranian Regime

Behind these seemingly benign economic [trade] transactions… lies a troubling reality: the funds generated from Europe’s trade with Iran are being funneled into activities that are now prolonging violence and conflict, and posing a direct threat to European, Middle Eastern and North American security interests…. Since 2012, the Iranian regime has allocated more than $13 billion to support its network of proxies.

France’s Skyrocketing Threat

January 30, 2024. The French weekly, Le Journal du Dimanche, publishes the most comprehensive and detailed survey on what French Muslims think. Not surprisingly, the results are disturbing.Every year, Muslims of France [the main French Muslim organization, and the French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood] organizes a conference that attracts hundreds of thousands of Muslims from all over Europe. The group also invites radical imams who speak to the crowd.

The Report of the Jews’ Death ‘Has Been Grossly Exaggerated

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin misquoted Mark Twain about the Russian president’s cancer: “The rumors about my death were greatly exaggerated,” Putin was quoted as saying about his cancer by Fortune and The Guardian. Mark Twain had actually said about an illness: “The report of my death has been grossly exaggerated.” The same assessment by Mark Twain also applies to the Jews and the great American author’s view of them, as in his remarkable article, “Concerning the Jews,” published by Harper’s Magazine in March, 1898

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