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Trump response to racist rally ‘wasn’t fine,’ says US ambassador to Israel

Speaking with a reporter at a ceremony marking the arrival of 16 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft purchased by El Al at Ben-Gurion Airport, David Friedman, Trump’s Israel ambassador, said the president is doing a good job but is treated unfairly by the media and should be given a chance.

WATCH: Can Trump Team Revive Israeli-Arab Peace Process?

Dan Kurtzer, former US ambassador to Israel, analyzes the pressure placed on President Donald Trump, ahead of envoy Jared Kushner’s trip to the Middle East, to advance the peace process.

Israelis fail to secure US guarantees on Iranian threat in Syria

US officials reportedly refrained from pledging to insist on the the removal of pro-Iranian militias at Israel’s border with Syria. 

Antifa Terrorists Plan to Interrupt Trump’s Rally Tonight – But Bikers for Trump Will Stop Them!

President Donald Trump has a massive campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona, tonight. Lines to enter the event are already very long, which presents a security risk… especially after Charlottesville and recent acts of violence caused by angry liberals.

History of Solar Eclipse Coverage, Plus Where to Find Glasses Last Minute

For some of us, viewing the August 21st total solar eclipse will literally be a once in a lifetime event. Prior to today, the last total solar eclipse (visible in North America) was in 1979 – thirty eight years ago.

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