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Dear Friend,

History has taught us that a strong and free United States of America, united by the core values that bind us, is the key to a free and prosperous world. Today, with war in Europe and military posturing by major powers and rogue states, the US and its democratic allies face perhaps the greatest threats to democracy, free speech and the rule of law in the geopolitical order since the Second World War.

Turkey, Terrorists and NATO

Turkey, reportedly on the verge of yet another military incursion into Syria, appears up to other fun and games as well.The so-called “terrorists” to whom Erdoğan is referring are Kurdish politicians, political activists, and refugees who live in Sweden and Finland. In particular, those who engage in advocacy for political equality and the official recognition of Kurds in Turkey and Syria. The Turkish government wants the two Nordic nations to extradite these individuals to Turkey.

The Inherent Strength of a Democracy

In the movie Juarez, a 1939 film that dramatized the life of Benito Juarez, Mexico’s “George Washington,” a screen writer drafted words for the freedom fighter that send a message to every democracy today, “If a Monarch misrules; the people change… If a Presidente misrules; the people change the Presidente…” The film debuted on the eve of World War II when 20th Century “monarchy,” — fascism — had installed itself as one of the most destructive and murderous forces the world had ever endured.

Biden Is No Friend of Israel

Head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps Hossein Salami takes part in Revolutionary Guards colonel Sayyad Khodai’s funeral procession at Imam Hussein square in the capital Tehran, on May 24, 2022. – Assailants on motorcycles on May 22, hit Colonel Sayyad Khodai with five bullets as he sat in his car outside his home. Iran blamed “elements linked to the global arrogance” — the Islamic republic’s term for its arch enemy the United States and US allies including Israel. (Photo by ATTA KENARE / AFP) (Photo by ATTA KENARE/AFP via Getty Images)

The real crime, one that represents a serious breach of the long-standing intelligence-sharing arrangements between the US and Israel, is that one of President Joe Biden’s senior officials has been willing to betray the trust of such a close ally.

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