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History has taught us that a strong and free United States of America, united by the core values that bind us, is the key to a free and prosperous world. Today, with war in Europe and military posturing by major powers and rogue states, the US and its democratic allies face perhaps the greatest threats to democracy, free speech and the rule of law in the geopolitical order since the Second World War.

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Freedom is not lost suddenly on the battleground or through cataclysmic events. Freedom is lost gradually, over time, eroded by nefarious parties taking advantage of the void created when people become uninterested or uninformed. Gatestone’s mandate is to keep the public accurately informed on the domestic and foreign issues that matter for the future of America and the West.
Can you imagine what will happen if America abandons its allies and leaves a gaping global power vacuum? Sadly, it is already starting to happen right now — but we can still turn the tide. Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and others are watching and waiting strategically to take advantage of any hesitation or weakness — real or perceived. What we do next as a nation is critical.
It is more important than ever for America to show leadership on the international stage, to strengthen those who align with US interests, and for American values to be part of the international discourse influencing world order.
At the same time, there is unprecedented fragmentation among the citizenry on domestic matters. Instead of decisive action to tackle the real issues facing our nation – collapsing supply chains, skyrocketing inflation, shortages of basic products – there is corrosive division. Here at home the void in leadership allows various “special interest groups” to hijack the attention of our nation and bend it to their will, demanding that we follow them off the cliff of cultural revolution, or risk being “canceled.”
Our government and institutions are failing the citizens of America and the people of the world who long for freedom. The public needs facts and truthful information, which the media want hidden. Government officials need to be held to account. To accomplish these goals, we need people who are engaged in critical thinking to produce and disseminate quality content that fearlessly challenges the status quo — the in-depth research and incisive reports consistently produced by Gatestone, which we can only continue doing with your support.
America’s and the Free World’s economic, political and military strength hang in the balance, and with them the good of all humanity. With your partnership, we can continue to do our part to keep America strong, and the world free and safe. Please make a U.S. tax-deductible donation today.
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