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Ingabo z’akarere zigiye gutera Umwakagara nk’uko ibyahanuwe byavuze!??



Umwami asigaje iminsi (4) izarangira 27 kamena,2022



Nuclear Sea-Launched Cruise Missile: Badly Needed for Deterrence

U.S. President Joe Biden, overruling his top generals and military advisors in the Pentagon, has defunded development of the Sea-Launched Cruise Missile-Nuclear (SLCM-N). They warn, correctly, that SLCM-N is vitally necessary for nuclear deterrence.

Europe’s Leaders Must Not Stumble Towards a New Munich

Mr Macron, in particular, has emerged as the chief European cheerleader in favour of Ukraine making concessions to Russia to end the fighting, while the leaders of Germany and Italy, which both rely heavily on Russia for their energy needs, are also said to favour Ukraine ceding territory to Moscow  a result that would only whet the appetite of other predators looking on.

Arabs to Biden: Shut Down Iran’s ‘Expansionist Project’

Ahead of Biden’s visit, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, in a clear message to the US administration and other Western powers, affirmed that any nuclear agreement or future negotiations with Iran must address the Iranians’ “destabilizing behavior in the region, their support for terrorist militias, and their missile program.”

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