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Is Hezbollah Eating the Iranian People’s Bread? by Yves Mamou

Ironically, Iran’s receiving more than $100 billion in frozen assets succeeded in breaking the solidarity between the Iranian people and the Ayatollahs’ regime better than the sanctions did.

Sexual Harassment East and West by Denis MacEoin

“I say that when a girl walks about like that, it is a patriotic duty to sexually harass her and a national duty to rape her.” — Nabih Wahsh, Islamist lawyer, on Egypt’s al-Assema TV, October 19, 2017.

Plans are underway to swear in Nasa leader Raila Odinga on January 30, the Star can report.

esterday, NASA announced it will next week name members of its Assumption of Office Committee to plan the ceremony.

The Regime Chants “Death to America”, Iranians Chant “Death to Mullahs” by Majid Rafizadeh

Now, people in Iran are demanding not just limited reforms but regime change. The government has been doing all it can to stoke the flames of hatred, but has been trying to deflect it to “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”.

The Islamization of Britain in 2017 “I think we are heading towards disaster.” by Soeren Kern

Reports of alleged links between Islamic charities and terrorism or extremism surged to a record high, according to the Charity Commission, a charity watchdog.

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