President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Set Out to See Hurricane Damage in Texas

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania are off to Texas to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. They won’t be visiting Houston, so as to not disrupt the ongoing rescue efforts there, but will visit the surrounding area.

The devastation in Texas has been heartbreaking to witness. But it’s great that President Trump and Melania are heading to the state to show their support for the people.Just before they set off, however, people noticed something strange.

Some liberals are even criticizing Melania, painting her as an out-of-touch socialite not interested in helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey because she’s wearing heels.

These criticisms are disgusting and thoughtless. What do these guttersnipes expect to happen? For Melania to jump out of Marine One and lead an entire rescue platoon herself?

That’s nonsense. President Trump and Melania are coming to show their support, not physically lift people out of the water.

Melania’s response is classy:


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