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Target the Nurseries of Terror Indoctrination by Khadija Khan

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The gutless response of world leaders to so many terrorist attacks suggest that the world has apparently bought into the “victim narrative” of these extremists, who first set their own countries on fire and then entered Europe with the baggage of their totalitarian ideology, aiming to enslave the masses here too.

Trump Must Stop North Korea from Striking American Soil by John R. Bolton

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Yet another tumultuous week in domestic affairs, starting with the Charlottesville tragedy and ending with Steve Bannon departing the Trump White House, drove the continuing threats of international terrorism and nuclear proliferation off America’s front pages. The media’s vicissitudes may be inevitable, but they constantly produce “surprising” strategic developments that were both predictable and long in the making.

Recognizing the Real and Present Enemy: Radical Islam, Not Russia by Alexandre del Valle

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In the military and strategic sense of the word, an “enemy” is an entity that truly threatens our short- and long-term survival and vital interests — not one that simply does not share our concept of democracy and human rights.

Spain: Barcelona Attack Was Preventable by Soeren Kern

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The measures to place bollards or planters in public areas were never implemented in Barcelona because the leaders of the Catalan independence movement did not want to be seen as taking orders from the central government in Madrid.

The President Has a Special Obligation to Condemn Nazis and KKK by Alan M. Dershowitz

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President Donald Trump has a special obligation to single out for condemnation, and distance himself from, individuals and groups that claim — even if falsely — to speak in his name, as the racist provocateurs in Charlottesville did.

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