Daily Archives: August 1, 2017

Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy Says U.S. Will Use “Rapid, Lethal, And Overwhelming Force” on North Korea

Tensions are rising as North Korea continues to conduct missile tests using weapons that are purportedly capable of hitting the United States. Not to mention the tragic case of Otto Warmbier, continued provocation of President Trump, and now, we’re learning, suspicious submarine activity that could preclude a missile launch.

“The Battle over Jerusalem Has Just Begun” by Bassam Tawil

The Palestinians, feeling triumphant now that Israel has complied with their demand to remove the metal detectors and security cameras, have been clarifying that it is only the first step in their fight to eradicate any Israeli presence in the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

Europe: The Censored Film They Do Not Want You to See by Stefan Frank

The way WDR broadcast it, however, was unique: at the beginning of the film and in brief intervals throughout, warning signs were inserted again and again, indirectly urging viewers not to believe what they saw in the film.

What Kind of Iran Did the U.S. Just Certify? by Reza Shafiee

  • For past 38 years, Iran’s Islamist regime has demonstrated that it is neither able nor willing to reform.The time for the U.S. jettisoning its toxic “nuclear deal”, and for regime change in Iran, is now.

Tehran’s New Scheme for Iraq by Amir Taheri

In his visit to Moscow last week, Iraqi Vice President Nuri Al-Maliki peddled what he presented as his big idea: inviting Russia to build “a significant presence” in Iraq to counter-balance that of the United States.Since Maliki is reputed to be Tehran’s candidate as the next Iraqi Prime Minister his “invitation” to Russia cannot be dismissed as a mere personal whim.

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