Daily Archives: August 14, 2017

Rep. Keith Ellison Says North Korea Is More Reasonable Than President Trump

Is it 2016 all over again?

This newly released ad by the Trump campaign team hits hard at liberals who are trying to stop the president’s agenda. Needless to say, it’s sheer power from the time you press the play button until the end.

“Those who work as spies know the risks from America’s enemies

“Those who work as spies know the risks from America’s enemies, but they shouldn’t have to worry about politicized retribution from its friends” — The Wall Street Journal.These officials should have never be prosecuted in a court; they should be protected from such actions. This prosecution is a betrayal of those who worked hard to prevent more massacres and to cripple the infrastructure of jihad.

The West Betrays U.S. Heroes Who Prevented Another 9/11 by Giulio Meotti

  • That is the most important lesson: our spies and officials involved in the war against Islamic terrorism, like those who prevented another 9/11, now fear not only the wrath of the jihadists, but also the witch hunt of our media and judicial system.

China Is Our Last Diplomatic Hope for North Korea by John R. Bolton

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice acknowledged last week that America’s policies regarding North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program over the last three administrations had failed. She said, rightly, “You can call it a failure. I accept that characterization of the efforts of the United States over the last two decades.”

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