Man Sees Little Girl Alone During Hurricane Harvey, But Couldn’t Just Leave Her!

Toddlers can be escape artists. Turning your back on them for a minute can be disastrous when you have a curious child who tests boundaries.Thankfully for a Pearland, Texas family, a good samaritan was there to help their toddler when she went out on her own in flood conditions during Hurricane Harvey.

Renz Michael looked out his window and saw a girl in only a t-shirt and diaper walking down the flooded street while holding a bottle. When he approached her, she told him her parents knew she was outside. Obviously, they didn’t.

He asked her where she lived. As they approached the house, a man came outside saying that the toddler unlocks doors. That might very well be the case, but they clearly need to keep a set of eyes on her at all times, particularly when she could drown in the street!

Thank goodness for the good samaritan in the video below! She got home safely because of him!


I would have had a heart attack if my child disappeared in that situation! It’s clearly time for that family to invest in baby locks so she can’t go exploring on her own again!

Pearland has been hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. You can see in the video below how much water this area has taken on. That girl needs to stay inside!

Closer look at Pearland, Texas, one of the hardest hit spots in path of Hurricane Harvey
WHBQ – Memphis, TN

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