Daily Archives: August 24, 2017

Australia’s national news service has defended a map it displayed showing “Palestine” instead of Israel.

Australia’s ABC News last Thursday screened a graphic on television displaying a map of the Middle East that included “Palestine” instead of Israel.Avi Yemini, a local Jewish leader, noticed the omission and posted it on his Facebook page, accusing the broadcaster of deliberately wiping Israel off the map.

Palestinians give Trump 45 days to support two-state solution

Setting preconditions for talks, the PA will give the US negotiating team, arriving this week in the Middle East in an attempt to revive the peace process, 45 days to support their terms for a two-state solution. 

Trump response to racist rally ‘wasn’t fine,’ says US ambassador to Israel

Speaking with a reporter at a ceremony marking the arrival of 16 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft purchased by El Al at Ben-Gurion Airport, David Friedman, Trump’s Israel ambassador, said the president is doing a good job but is treated unfairly by the media and should be given a chance.

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