Antifa Terrorists Plan to Interrupt Trump’s Rally Tonight – But Bikers for Trump Will Stop Them!

President Donald Trump has a massive campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona, tonight. Lines to enter the event are already very long, which presents a security risk… especially after Charlottesville and recent acts of violence caused by angry liberals.

The Bikers for Trump chapter in Arizona will be out in full force to protect Trump-supporting patriots from the angry domestic terrorists, Antifa.As Steven Emery posted on the official Facebook page of Bikers for Trump. His message shows that they are not messing around:

This is good news! Antifa, along with Black Lives Matters and other Soros-affiliated groups, has been given a free pass by police to interrupt events with violence. This isn’t free speech. These violent groups are using thuggery and fascist, bloody tactics to silence conservatives they disagree with. FBI action on these organizations is long overdue, but in the meantime it will be up to patriots like Bikers for Trump to keep the peace in Arizona.

The photos of what Antifa did to Trump supporters in Berkeley, San Jose, Washington, D.C., and elsewhere across the country are horrific:

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