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Intwaro umwagara yari yamaze Gisoro muri Uganda zafashwe



Umpe Kunesha Nk’uko Wanesheje Mwami Wanjye



How Many Muslims in Europe? Pew’s Projections Fall Short by Soeren Kern

Pew’s baseline estimate of the number of Muslims currently in Europe — the estimate upon which its future projections are calculated — has been undercounted by at least five million Muslims.

The Expanding Umbrella of Anti-Semitism by Nonie Darwish

Islam did not trick Western nations; the West brought itself to the embrace of Islam.

“Reforming” the Church of Sweden by Bruce Bawer

Biskop Antje Jackelén, Lunds stift

Even as the other key players in Swedish society have adapted to the rise of Islam within the country’s borders, so has the Church of Sweden.

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