Susan Rice Will No Longer Testify About ‘Unmasking’ Tuesday

Susan Rice was scheduled for a closed-door testimony Tuesday before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence concerning allegations that she “unmasked” associates of President Trump during the Russia probe. However, her testimony has been postponed.


Lawmakers had planned to grill Rice on her role in the investigations:

Rice had been expected to face tough questions on her role in the matter while serving as then-President Barack Obama’s national security adviser. Trump alleges Rice may have committed a crime by asking government analysts to disclose the names of his associates documented in intelligence reports.


Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan last week told Fox News that he wants Rice to answer the basic question: “Did you unmask the names and if so why?”

Trump’s former national security adviser Mike Flynn was reportedly among those unmasked by Rice. He subsequently resigned from his position.

Rice, however, continues to deny any wrongdoing:

Rice has denied that she did anything inappropriate, saying she was authorized as Obama’s national security adviser to seek the identities of people whose names were redacted from intelligence reports.

And she has suggested that her race and gender may be playing a role in the controversy, in a recent New York Magazine interview.

Congressional investigators have issued subpoenas to the NSA, CIA, and FBI seeking “unmasking” information related to three people: Rice, former CIA Director John Brennan, and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power. But now that Rice’s testimony has been delayed, many are calling on Congress to subpoena Rice herself.


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