Daily Archives: July 24, 2017

U.S. Abuses Its Mandate to Spread Democracy and Freedom in Iran

  • Mohammad Reza Yazdanpanah was fired, he believes, for refusing to produce a report painting Israel in an evil light, while defending Omar Shakir, Israel and Palestine Director at the NGO Human Rights Watch. Instructed by duty editor Keyvan Hosseini to do a story on Israel’s denial of a work visa for Shakir (which ultimately it granted), Yazdanpanah objected that the topic was irrelevant to the station’s audience and unrelated to Radio Farda‘s mission — “to inform people about the corruption and human rights violations in Iran.”

Hero Imams by Khadija Khan

  • More than 60 Islamic leaders and imams — from France, Belgium, Britain, Tunisia, and of different Islamic faiths — in a move that may be unprecedented, are touring Europe to denounce Islamic terrorism and to pay homage to the victims of terror in Europe by visiting many of the sites of terror attacks The idea seems to have shaken extremists to the core. They have been sending these imams death threats.

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