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Modernizing America’s Nuclear Capabilities Is a Must by Peter Huessy

In 1989, America had 1,000 nuclear missile silos, and a small number of additional bomber and submarine bases and submarines at sea, facing 13,500 Soviet warheads. Today, the U.S. has 450 such silos facing 1,750 Russian warheads. That is a switch from a ratio of 13 Russian warheads to every U.S. missile silo, to a ratio of 4 Russian warheads to every U.S. missile silo. Getting rid of Minuteman ICBMs would reverse that progress and make the ratio even worse, with 175 Russian warheads to every U.S. missile silo. How is that an improvement?

Palestinians: Metal Detectors or Lie Detectors – Who Is Violating What? by Bassam Tawil

  • Crucially, and contrary to Palestinian claims, there has been no Israeli decision to ban Muslims from entering the Temple Mount. For the first time since 1967, the Palestinians are denying Muslim worshippers free access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israelis fire tear gas at Palestinians in al-Aqsa

Worshippers make their way to holy site after two weeks of protesting against Israeli-imposed obstacles to free entry.

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