The World Prophecy Of Majeshi Leon Version (l) TWPV

Dated:Sunday, 24 July 2011. 15:11hrs
The Journal interviewed MAJESHI Leon about his Prophecy which will be published in three parts.We’ll publish what Prophet Majeshi Leon said about the removal of President Pasteur BIZIMUNGU from power; his being replaced by Paul KAGAME;the removal and fleeing of Prime Minister Pierre Celestin RWIGEMA; the fleeing of Parliamentary Speaker Joseph SEBARENZI KABUYE;the RPF elections; the exiling of General KAYUMBA Nyamwasa and Colonel Patrick KAREGEYA; the assassination of Paul KAGAME; the ensuing war; the return from exile of the Rwandan King KIGELI V NDAHINDURWA, and the return of Jesus.
About MAJESHI Leon.
The Prophet MAJESHI Leon was born in the Tanzanian Province of Kagera, where he completed his primary education. He had his secondary school education and university in Rwanda.He joined the RPF’s Army (RPA) in 1992, and was attached to a special unit for the protection of top officials, then known as High Command. He remained in the army up to the end of the war in the Presidential Protection Unit (PPU) which was rebranded the Republican Guard.
MAJESHI Leon prophesied for Prisoners:
1995-1996 More than 2000 inmates were detained at Mulindi in horrible conditions: no food, no water except for muddy water in a pit meant to be latrine. This muddy-water dried up and Leon organized prayers for (7); days asking God for water! On the 5th day at 12:45 hrs a torrent of water broke through one of the walls and everyone got plenty, while thanking God. The authorities’ later repaired the wall but another water-source had been found outside the prison walls, and in-mates were allowed to fetch it.

The world Prophecy of Majeshi Leon Version (ll) TWPV

1996-1997 Some in-mates believed that this miracle had come from God, but others scorned it. One of the scoffers was a Muslim known as Sheikh Cyakabare who said that if indeed it was a miracle from God, he (Cyakabare) should die in 3 days; and that if he doesn’t die in 3 days, Majeshi Leon must convert to Islam. On the second day Cyakabare got a swelling between the neck and the shoulders. He was admitted at Kanombe Military Hospital where he passed away!

The World Prophecy of Majeshi Leon Version (lll) TWPV

THE FALL OF PRESIDENT PASTEUR BIZIMUNGU’s GOVERNMENT Majeshi foretold the removal from power of President Pasteur BIZIMUNGU:
Daniel 4:1 The bigger branch was President Bizimungu,left branch was prime minister Rwigema Celestini,the middle branch was Vice president Kagame Paul.
1999-2000 “The Lord showed me a huge tree with three branches; the branch on the left was smaller than the one on the right. The middle branch was bigger and taller than the other two. Then the two branches were cut off and only the one in the middle remained.”
Prime Minister Peter Rwigema:
The Lord told me that the branch on the left stood for Prime Minister Pierre Celestin Rwigema who was going to lose power and flee the country; while the one on the right stood for President Pasteur Bizimungu who was going to be moved from Presidency to Prison.

The world Prophecy of Kenya Version (IV) TWPV

THE DEMISE OF THE GOVERNMENT OF PRESIDENT PAUL KAGAME. This is what the Lord told me in the year 2000 to 2001:
After the removal from office of President Pasteur Bizimungu, when Vice-President Paul Kagame assumed power I saw a yellow light from the skies spreading throughout the entire country.
Then the Lord told me that the light stood for the new flag which was going to be replace the M.R.N.D, flag. The new flag would be dominated by the sun, which stands for the light that would fill the nation. This would be followed by the return of Habyarimana’s demons to the Congo where they came from. Part of Goma town would be destroyed by fire and this would be a sign.
That there was going to be a lot of sexual promiscuity;and religious leaders were going to meddle in the politics of RPF.
A lot of weapons would be acquired and they would be used by the people to kill each other. The people would be divided into four (4) factions which would fight against each other. That the head of the nation had acquired power fraudulently, and that he would not achieve what he expects but would get more problems with the passing of time.
Genocide back fire.
Memorial of Genocide.
That President Paul Kagame had shed the blood of many innocent people, and that their blood was crying out for revenge. The Lord’s revenge would be at hand when General Kayumba Nyamwasa flees, and Gen.James Kabarebe is appointed Defense Minister.
There will be talk of peace, yet there will be no peace; unless a day is set aside for repentance and thanksgiving, there will be respite. This should be held at the Amahoro Stadium, and the evil done by one ethnic group to another should be redressed.
Apostle Rene Masasu:
The Lord instructed me to find Pastor Rene MASASU of the Restoration Church, and go with him to the Head of State and tell him what the Lord had said. But the Pastor was not honest, and those in charge of the President’s schedule made it impossible for me to see him.
And be later released; and the middle one for Vice-President Paul Kagame who would then assume Presidency but would meet more obstacles than all his predecessors. He will have all he wants but even though he will place his trust in chariots, horses, gold and silver and diamond, they will be useless. God will take hi favor away from him and he will be loathed by the sons of men.
The former speak Parliament KABUYE JOSEPH SEBARENZI.
Leon Majeshi also prophesied for Joseph Sebarenzi Kabuye who was the Speaker of Parliament: “God sent me to Sebarenzi Kabuye to inform him that if he didn’t resign he would be assassinated. I went to his office without an appointment and I told him what he needed to know, prayed with him and left. He fled the country one month after that.”
Crusade for thanksgiving
During that time, I was unaware of the ongoing preparations for ‘the thanksgiving assembly”, for I was dwelling in Gisenyi (ex-Rwandan county) while supervising my business activities in Goma (ex-Zaire); when I heard from God asking me to leave for reaching Pastor Masasu Rene, serving at the “Restoration Church.”
And ask him to accompany me to meet with the former President of parliament of Rwanda, Dr. Joseph Sebarenzi; as well as reaching the former Vice-president Paul Kagame so as to emphasize that the “thanksgiving day” has to be put in the Calendar, like any other sacred Holy day.
As God had commanded me, I set off to debrief Pastor Rene about God’s message. In reply, he affirmed having had received the same message from God himself; and that, meantime, there was an ongoing program by God’s servants to elect a committee led by Gitwaza Paul, which also included Pastor Rene as a member; and that they would be pleased to have a God’s sent [Majeshi] to stand in and proclaim God’s message amidst the newly founded committee.
Pastor.Rene further went on exhorting me to go and meet with the former Vice-President (Kagame Paul), for the second time; as PST. Masasu Rene said he had already visited and happened to debrief the Vice-president about God’s request concerning Rwanda.
 Pastor. Masasu told me that the Vice-President welcomed him, all the time asking of re-scheduling the day for disclosing the message of what God required of him [vice-president]; since the latter complained about being struck with a great fatigue.
“Since then, i haven’t returned there yet” Pastor Rene addressed Majeshi. He further added he felt highly motivated to go back along with Majeshi. Insultingly, Majeshi rushed back to Gisenyi for preparing himself to accomplish God’s mission, once back to Kigali. On the convened day, Pastor Masasu Rene was nowhere to be found!
Majeshi never caught sight of him since then. When the long waited day for the assembly of thanksgiving drew nigh (or came to pass), it was in the year of 2000, when plenty of people were seized with great terror, thinking it was the doomsday, while ceremonially gathered at ‘Amahoro- Stadium’; then the Lucifer’s apostle Gitwaza stood in as a “Master of Ceremony”, he didn’t even recall to pay tribute to the faithful God’s servant Sebakara Sandral, who had uttered the prophecy for the day.
Having noticed that, the thunder struck Sebakara went to report to an elder-lady Zitony (currently living in USA) what had befallen to him; how Gitwaza plagiarized and mis attributed Sebakara’s prophecy to himself.
Mama-Zitonny, who once was an inner-circle RPF inkotanyi- affiliate, asked Sandral to come and lead a group of Prayerful supplicants; adding that it was his assigned portion of ministry. Consequently, Gitwaza opportunistically got elevated in nobility thanks to others’ prophecies.
The same day, I left Gisenyi to place where the assembly was held; upon arriving at Nyabugogo, God requested me of returning immediately, for the assembly had gone profane. I caught anger and lamented to God for not having warned me a forehand and let me waste my time, being exhausted while He knew I would have obeyed to stay before setting my foot off Gisenyi.
I asked to God; ‘why did you let it happen?’; ‘go back and I shall let you know once back home’ God replied. What was consecrated to be a ‘thanksgiving day for God’, is what Gitwaza turned into ‘Africa haguruka’ i.e. [Africa rise
These events will herald the dawn of war:
When the road to CHUK (Central University Hospital of Kigali)is repaired, the realization of the prophecy will be at hand;
When the mobile money-changers are stopped from working by the roadside;
When the old CARITAS building is broken down and replaced by a storied building;
When NYARUGENGE market is closed;
When the park is phased out;
When Rubangura’s building is given a new facade;
When the Post Office building is broken down;
When the Gacaca courts begin their prosecutions;
When Lower-Kiyovu area is destroyed by government;
When Kagugu area is broken down;
When a Catholic Priest does Signs and Wonders;
The Follower of Priest Catholic Church OBARD:
OBALD False Prophet:
When the Euro currency notes become widespread in the country;
When the country is hit by famine;
When Antoine Rutayisire becomes a Pastor.
This is the end of the an event will take place in Rwanda.
King His-Majesty Kigeli V, Ndahindurwa
Jan 03, 2002 God revealed that King V. Ndahindurwa will go back home, to his nation of Rwanda to be re-instated and crowned as a King.
Wind Storm in Rwanda
Jan 10, 2002 God also showed that there will be a strong windstorm which will cause unprecedented disaster to the country of Rwanda, to extent that the whole country shall turn desolate.
Heavely rain in Rwanda
Jan 17, 2002 God revealed a heavy [rain] that shall fall upon the hills and valleys of Rwanda, and that [rain] shall sweep or dampen people galore; and only a few shall survive of it.
March 28, 2002 God declared that the former President of parliament, Dr. Sebarenzi Kabuye shall establish a University upon his return home to Rwanda.
Gitwaza Mobilizer devil membership
Aug 13, 2002, the so-called Apostle Gitwaza received ‘power-of-darkness’ intended to bestow success and luck on him, in whichever activity he undertakes including worldwide honor and fame as well as the proliferation in his church-clientele.
Oct 10, 2002 God showed me, in vision, pledging his allegiance with Satan’s servants, known as ‘Freemason’, signing up a contract of a five-year term, at the end of which all his heart desires might be granted and plans accomplished –he was guaranteed. The anti-Christ bestowed on him power and reverence for submission and fear from his victims, as well as admiration and riches.
A lady known as ‘Mama Zitonny’, who is also a faithful RPF- devotee, addressed Sandral to come and represent (during prayer intercession) supplicants i.e. ‘a prayer-group crew’, as an assignment; as result of this Gitwaza cabbages (made off with) others’ prophecies for his own glory.
On that same day, I left Gisenyi to the fellowship-assembly in Kigali, by the time I arrived at Nyabugogo, God addressed me requesting to return to Gisenyi, for that fellowship-assembly had turned profane. I caught anger and lamented to God for not having warned me a forehand and let me waste my time, being exhausted while He knew I would have obeyed to stay before setting my foot off Gisenyi.
I asked to God; ‘why did you let it happen?’; ‘go back and I shall let you know once back home’ God replied. What was consecrated to be a ‘thanksgiving day for God’, is what Gitwaza turned into ‘Africa Raise up.
I returned home with the same minivan I had come with, in an utter confusion; then that same night while turning on my TV-set, I saw Gitwaza presiding those ceremonies as a voodoo-priest; he had put on Rwandan traditional outfits [ceremony-attendants of that day be my eye-witnesses]; he held in his hand a shield, and a spear in another; then the audience went horror-stricken; for that same reason he brought up a curse on the country in lieu of God’s blessings.
Fake Election:
When the 2003 Presidential Elections were at hand, the Lord told me not to soil my hands by voting because they would be rigged; but to go to the main round-about and read the words on the campaign-banner: “Kagame the Pillar of Peace, Democracy and Security”. “What is true from what you’ve read on the banner?” he asked of me.
I replied “nothing”. The Lord said to me: “I am going to raise your head of state and make him like a huge tree. The whole world will respect him; he will travel worldwide and meet important personalities, and will make him wealthier than his predecessors and those who will come after him. But he will lack peace and happiness because he put his faith in foreign gods.
But I will bring him crushing down like the Tower of Babylon. I will destroy his government and none of his lieutenants will be remembered any more!
Mar 13, 2003 God exposed the power-of-darkness, bestowed on minister Gitwaza, getting waned to termination. Gitwaza attempted, on several occasions, to use such power as to bedevil the Prophet Majeshi Leon, yet God opposed and protected his prophet. When you are endowed with a gift of prophecy that exposes the power-of-darkness on a global scale, those possessed by such spirits happen to recognize the expounder-Seer; therefore attempting to do everything they can to get you indigent and or killed to protect their identities.
 It is in this fashion that both the Devil-servant Gitwaza and Gataha Straton, a leader of the ‘Vivante-Church’ who also uses the power-of-darkness tagged as “Soothers Spirit” operate. These kind of power are hosted within their eyes, so that you become their victims upon blinking your eyes.
They conspired to demonic and murder the Prophet Majeshi Leon through a female demon. Fortunately, God had already revealed to his prophet about this female demon so that Majeshi could force her to expose her masters. She confessed to have had been sent by Gitwaza and Gataha Stratton; yet there was no-one else to alert Majeshi, except he had to stand firm in Divine faith and protection under God’s wings; otherwise he would have perished right away on the spot, if God hadn’t intervened.
Upon conversing with Majeshi Leon, one ends up understanding the great secretaries of spiritualism. He [Majeshi] vividly ascertains that, within the congregation led by the Satan servant ‘Gitwaza’, there are only eight (8) faithful, God-servants:
Four (4) women, two (2) men and (2) young men. Another uncontroversial proof that Paul Gitwaza is a “false prophet” is given by the fact that he [Gitwaza] prophesied, in 2008 amidst “INKURUNZIZA” church congregation, about the victorious participation in FIFA World Cup of Nations -tournament by the Rwandan National Soccer Team “AMAVUBI”, and which was held in South Africa.
Irritatingly enough is the fact that the Rwandan National football team never escaped the pre-selection phase contested via CAN (African Cup of Nations). It is to recall that this trophy-tournament gathers the elite soccer-teams regionally.
Therefore what was dedicated as a day for thanksgiving to God became a voodoo-ritualistic performance. Since then Gitwaza became a famous figure and became the founder of ‘Africa-Raise up’ initiatives or project. He, then, meddled in the process of divine blessings and pacification waited impatiently by all Rwandans.
Yet, God had consented to heal us from our iniquities, but Satan opportunistically opposed our salvation, by way of our carelessness, while using ‘wolves in sheep clothing’ i.e. his pretentious God-servants. That kind of expected peace results only from God alone.
Since then he had capitalistically wound up the demonic rituals, unnoticed in the mind of the audience. Nonetheless, only a few received such a performance with great suspicion while realizing it wasn’t in register with the Holy Scriptures, even the dressing outfits of the day. Up to this day, our nation of Rwanda is greatly indebted to God for a consecrated day of thanksgiving.
Gitwaza Paul called forth a pastoral gathering, in the district of Kicukiro, to debrief about the opportunistic offer of two million USD to fund pastors willing to advocate homosexual matrimonial union in their assemblies. Some pastors, whose names I prefer to keep anonymous, temptation consented to the offer, while others opposed in fear of being irreversibly forced to accomplish what they pledged for.
One would wonder as to what kind of gain he would had upon tempting God’s servants? Gitwaza has become infamous among people; yet they are afraid of exposing him, for he has already gained a public celebrity, hard to challenge. In this way, people are afraid of speaking the truth about him; worse than that, they are even tempted to liken him.
The Satan apostle Gitwaza traveled to Denmark upon an invitation extended by a Rwandan Church Assembly.
Then after delivering the sermon, he summoned the church-committee to exhort the church members to join his temple ‘Zion’ so as to expect Divine miracles and blessings. Moreover he ascertained that God had revealed to him about church-members who needed prayers.
He convinced them that he is a special God’s envoy, and that in USA when he is called forth to pray for a single head, a $5000 USD bill is extended to him; but since those present, for the day, were his consanguineous brethren, he would charge a $1000 USD bill per a head, adding that a blessing-hand from a special God’s envoy is highly treasured and spiky. Yet, the Holy Scriptures exhort us to give freely, for freely we receive.
Eventually, those who could afford that prized ‘blessing-hand!’ paid the bill; whereas, the deprived ones stayed ironically misfortune!
Enquiringly, he split the congregation into two parts: those who opted for the launching of ‘Zion’-temple and those willing to remain in the worshiping state he had found them in; all the time,prone to convert them into becoming Zion-adherents who would ultimately elect among themselves, their leader.
Among the audience, was the most faithful God-servant, Mr. Alphani who stood aloof from Gitwaza’s conspiracy; he thus uttered a prophecy revealing Gitwaza’s devilishness and expected curse.
That same night, while fallen asleep, Mr. Alphani was taken in vision by God to see what kind of spirit works through Gitwaza; God explained well to him that Gitwaza is not a Jesus’ Disciple, but rather an anti-Christ servant.
25 Sept,2005 the Lord sent me to President Paul Kagame to inform him about these words of things yet to happen. At that time I was a student at KIST and wrote to him; and he sent Intelligence Agents (led by Capt.Aloys Mpenzi) to pick me. I tore 12 pages from my records of prophecies and they were passed on to the President. He said if he needed explanations about anything he would send for me.
I was taken to the barracks of Presidential Guards but was later allowed to go home. They told me that they had wanted to arrest me because my prophecies mentioned that King Kigeli V. Ndahindurwa would return home and be crowned King. They continued surveillance me and asked me to join their unit and work with them, but I told them that God wouldn’t allow me to do that.
King His Majesty of Rwanda KIGELI V Ndahindurwa:
10 OCT,2008 while we were praying the Voice of the Lord came to me instructing me to enthrone the King of Rwanda, since he would replace Paul Kagame. I did as I was told. He lost power on 14 dec, 2009, that’s when a heavenly meeting decided that Kigeli V.Ndahindurwa would replace Kagame.And the Lord said he was going to destroy all the things the sons of men put their trust in, and cause economic havoc.
Nov 30, 2009 God revealed again King V Ndahindurwa being enthroned as a King in Rwanda.
Dec 01, 2009 made know to Prophet Majeshi Leon that two types of rain shall fall on Rwandan territory: one kind was vision falling vertically while the other horizontally, meaning an unparalleled disaster that shall befall Rwanda.
Dec 03, 2009 God revealed to Majeshi Leon in vision, a windstorm from rising from hell (abyss), then crowing beneath the ground of Kigali, upon which skyscrapers were seen founded. Endearingly, all such high stories (floors) were seen drawn deep into the abyss.
Dec 28, 2009 God exposed most, if not all, Rwandan church-devotees standing as living deeds, all seemed like zombies; that they are utter living dead despite their keeping on worshiping.
Jan 18, 2010 God showed again King V Ndahindurwa getting enthroned as a Rwandan King.
Moreover, God revealed that he may go hermetically pagan while adhering to the pursuit of worldly riches, fame and honor, by lack of being grateful of how God himself blessed him enough with glory and dignity.
That there was going to be a major war in Rwanda, to the extent that a person would move from Kigali to Kayanza (in Burundi to buy goods); and another would go to Goma (DRC) to shop. Between four million and seven million people will die, and very few will survive. Thereafter there will be peace and the King will be enthroned; and he will thank and respect the Lord.
Five (5) People will assassination Kagame:
Then the Lord showed me Paul Kagame being removed from power and killed by five people including one he trusts a lot. He was killed clad in a colored shirt dominated by white.
The skies of Rwanda were filled by numerous euro planes; and troops advanced from the west and fought a bitter war but did not capture power.
Other troops dominated by short men attacked from Cyangugu but didn’t capture power either. Troops from the east dominated by tall men but few in numbers also attacked Rwanda, and they met little resistance because in that area the people did not support the RPF government.
The tall men were shooting “stones and logs”, and they captured power. Then King Kigeli came back to Rwanda, knelt down and kissed the earth and removed the curse on the nation.
Moses Kolola
17 June, 2010 GOD revealed his great concern, to Majeshi the prophet, about his two faithful servants who render HIM a blameless ministry, that they are old enough to be repatriated and join their forefathers. They are, among other things, MOSES KOLOLA from Tanzania a church leader for Tanzanian Assembly of GOD (T.A.G).
Mourice Cerullo
Also did GOD speak unto him about HIS servant MAURICE CERULO from United States of America. We took an opportunity esquire about Majeshi’s acquaintance with those two GOD’s servants; and Majeshi affirmed to know MOSES KOLOLA.
We asked him if there wouldn’t be other GOD’s servants, ready to take over the ministries of ‘next-to-be’ GOD-chosen retirees, since they are thought to be many; the prophet Majeshi Leon Ainesha, affirmed to know nothing about it, since only GOD knows them. He further argued that the ongoing, vast, life-threatening famine will be caused by the greatest church denomination he didn’t explicitly mention for his own safety.
He pleaded with us to advise people to keep on praying as to benefit from GOD’s mercy on that unprecedented worldwide scourge.
He took an opportunity to inform us about seeing the leader of the ‘greatest church denomination’ oppressing all peoples from all the corners of the Earth, that he [Majeshi] saw himself opposing that leader whereas the rest of the world followed the religious noble.
The latter [the said leader] had a mouth similar to the eagle’s beak; and the same mouth/beak bore multiple eyes from top to bottom. Those eyes were meant to gaze on whoever may oppose him as to torment him.
Very few were those LEFT BEHIND and who did NOT worship him and or submit to his dominion and authority compared to the vast majority of peoples who went after his ways and command, to extent that a single person was likened to an individual grass within a vast garden of coach grass (lawn).
Luke 13:31-35
“The same day there came certain of the Pharisees, saying unto him, Get thee out, and depart hence: for Herod will kill thee. And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.
Nevertheless I must walk to day, and tomorrow, and the day following: for it cannot be that a prophet perishes out of Jerusalem.
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killer the prophets, and stoniest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say, Blessed is he that come in the name of the Lord.
“Those are words I received from GOD himself, on June 16, 2006 when I was taken away in vision, hearing from someone who sounded like a man exhorting me to say as follows”:
In that very moment, my heart was filled with extreme sorrowfulness, then GOD spoke unto me enunciating that Rwandans do not want to take heed of HIS plea but rather they expect GOD to listen their instead!
“Even though, you have been pleaded with me through prayers to halt the great calamity that is bound to befall on you; nothing is going to stop them from happening, tho’ my servant Daniel would rise from the dead and beseech me, I will not stop that onslaught disaster; and this because you arrogantly boasted about being self-satisfied and or became big-headed, little knowing that it is I [GOD] who handed that land over back into your hands!” GOD pronounced.
Although, Ezekiel ,JOB, and Daniel, would resurrect from the dead and pray, I cannot forgive this nation, since you became snotty and keep babbling about being self-complacent, so as to win cheap popularity amount the nations! I will not forgive thee, for I even besought thee, through my prophets, that you choose a national Holy-Day to commemorate nationwide, and thank me;but you refused to listen; therefore, in return, I shall hide my face against thee on the day of disaster, I shall not turn my ears to thee in revenge, for you rejected my word through the prophets I sent to thee.
For that very reason, I shall hand over your capital city to the Chaldean; they shall slaughter thee and no-way for escape; and I shall also break up Nebuchadnezzar’s arms, you shall never hear of him any longer, as he outrageously showed off before the nations.
He [Nebuchadnezzar] shall know that I, LORD of Lords, mean what I say and say what I mean. In the aftermath, those who will have survived, if they hear My voice and call on help, I shall take heed of their concerns and plea, even yet, I shall descend from Heaven to look after those wounded as to heal them.
This prophecy is dedicated to the Capital City of Kigali; since the latter shall face unprecedented disaster in any recorded history; even other nations of the Earth shall be greatly stupefied and horribly speechless. “To whoever shall rejoice over Kigali’s desolation, disasters await for them, in return” declares the LORD.
Another prophet who was interviewed by the Journal Inyangenews, is Pastor Mbabazi Jules. He addressed Inyangenews-reporters affirming to have seen in vision an speak able, horrifying events. “Since, I live in Rwanda, I am not motivated to disclose those visions, for fear of being sued and tormented by the current, ruling RPF-authority; more importantly to avoid endanger my wife’s safety, who is in charge of medical logistics nationwide for the Rwandan Police Department; hence I can’t let this favor slip between my fingers” Mbabazi pointed out.
This is what God showed me in vision: I caught a sight of the capital city of Kigali trembling with terror and strong whirlwind whose source I didn’t know. I saw President Kagame desperately leaning on his cheek and seized with a great worry, for he is terribly afraid of his adversary Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa, and for all people had given up to President Kagame, not even a single one left.
God also revealed, through my vision, king Kigeli being enthroned as well as returning home along with another king, his next heir whose names I cannot disclose – it is still sealed –; from that very moment, I heard a voice declaring that the king of Rwanda will definitively return and reign.
Again, I saw, in vision, President Kagame Paul, in between two mountains accompanied by group of well-dressed men, yet another group of strange people were on the other opposite end, well-groomed more than the first ones who were in the valley.
I realized that President Kagame Paul was perplexedly frightened, muttering about whether he was seeing his adversaries Kayumba Nyamwasa and Karegeya from the other opposite end!?
 Those who stood by his side, remained speechless; while, as in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, I saw the adversaries conquering the nation of Rwanda.
Majeshi affirms that vast will be a number of people who shall perish by a sword during that unprecedented holocaust; and that the rest of the whole world shall go puzzled stupefied, even deadly frightened to extent that all nations of the Earth shall become paralyzed and ashamed of standing by when all such calamity happened right in the front their own plain sight.
Here is the kind of spirit that works through Prophet Paul Gitwaza, which also imparts him power, fame and honor. He also partakes in this demon with Mr. President Paul Kagame; yet God exposed them, all the time putting an end to their influence and lifetime [they too are aware of it!].
Gitwaza has been prophesying lies, on several occasion; in 2006 proclaimed in Rwanda, that by 2010 the poorest among the poor would be able to afford a bicycle; he further uttered prophetically a curse on the Newspaper-publisher known as “Umuseso newspaper”, while asserting that it wouldn’t be in service any longer within a 3-months period; yet nothing came to pass, as an indicator that Gitwaza is anti a prophet from God.
Aug 06, 2010, God revealed to me how He reproves pastor Rene Masasu for his sunniness, haughtiness and covetousness to sit in high-places, all time acting as an RPF-undercover and or partisan. That does not mean he gave up on his divine faith and belief, but rather a reproach that he shouldn’t have meddled, as a God-servant, in politics and works of the flesh.
The aforesaid ‘servant-of-God’ Mr. Alphani ended up visiting Africa, Rwanda whereby he, by chance, met with Majeshi Leon at Pastor Justin Nkundabagenzi’s; who is a professional Rwanda-Revenue-Authority (RRA) chauffeur.
They then engaged in tackling on God’s ministry, and Majeshi Leon went on speaking about what God had revealed to him concerning Gitwaza.
On one hand, while unleashing this prophecy, Majeshi already knew that Pastor Nkundabagenzi would not believe in his [Majeshi’s] prophetic gifts; on the other hand Pastor Justin entrusts in Mr. Alphani’s prophetical, possibly because they have known each other, since early childhood back in Burundi.
Promptly, Mr. Alphani, being incited, expatiated, in return, on what God showed me about Gitwaza Paul.
Since then Pastor.Justin alluded to believing in the prophecy about Gitwaza as well as in Majeshi’s gifts to prophecy, having noticed that the two prophets hadn’t known each other before, till they coincidentally happened to meet in his house.
 Another irrevocable proof of Paul Gitwaza being a false prophet is portrayed in the following past event:
One day, the satan-disciple Paul Gitwaza paid visit to a God-servant known as Sebakara Sandral whose working place is located down street (south) to the “GISIMENTI” area, whereby he [Sebakara] runs a Construction-Enterprise. They then engaged in discussing matters pertaining to the ‘dedicated ministry for God’.
The wealthy, God-servant, Sandral who also used to attend church-services from two separate religious denominations, viz. Zion-Temple and Restoration-Church (currently known as Evangelical Restoration Church [E.R.C.]), was dearly wanted to come and join either church-denomination sits church-member.
In that very moment, Sandral unconsciously prophesied right in front of the Devil servant Gitwaza; that the latter was going to misappropriate Sandral’s prophecy to make it sound like his own.Sandral prophecies it was time to consecrate day of ‘Thanksgiving” so as to get our country forgiven in the eyes of God.
The sooner Gitwaza grabbed the prophecy, the quicker he hasted to divulge it amidst the Zion  congregation, uttering that God requested, through him [Gitwaza], all Rwandans for a consecrated thanksgiving day celebrated through a great, prayerful assembly.
Having taken heed of this prophecy noble, RPF Inkotanyi-partisans, who are also Zion-church members, approached Gitwaza guaranteeing to do everything it takes to prepare for the day.
And the Province of Karagwe was re-instated to Rwanda; and other parts that had been taken away were returned. The King installed other kings who would work under him, and then he passed on and was replaced by a younger king who is very educated. This king will have to fight the white man and the Anti-Christ.
The Spirit of the Lord will come down on Rwanda with blessings and prosperity, and many nations will envy Rwanda.
“Since then, I haven’t returned there yet” Pastor Rene addressed Majeshi. He further added he felt highly motivated to go back along with Majeshi. Endearingly, Majeshi rushed back to Gisenyi for preparing himself to accomplish God’s mission, once back to Kigali.
On the convened day, Pastor Masasu Rene was nowhere to be found! Majeshi never caught sight of him since then. When the long waited day for the assembly of thanksgiving drew nigh (or came to pass),
 it was in the year of 2000, when plenty of people were seized with great terror, thinking it was the doomsday, while ceremonially gathered at ‘Amahoro- Stadium’; then the Lucifer’s apostle Gitwaza stood in as a “Master of Ceremony”, he didn’t even recall to pay tribute to the faithful God’s servant Sebakara Sandral, who had uttered the prophecy for the day.
Having noticed that, the Sandral Sebakara went to report to an elder-lady Zitony (currently living in USA) what had befallen to him; how Gitwaza plagiarized and mis attributed Sebakara’s prophecy to himself.
Mama-Zitonny, who once was an inner-circle RPF inkotanyi- affiliate, asked Sandral to come and lead a group of Prayerful supplicants; adding that it was his assigned portion of ministry. Consequently, Gitwaza opportunistically got elevated in nobility thanks to others’ prophecies. The same day, I left Gisenyi to place where the assembly was held; upon arriving at Nyabugogo, God requested me of returning immediately, for the assembly had gone profane.
I caught anger and lamented to God for not having warned me a forehand and let me waste my time, being exhausted while He knew I would have obeyed to stay before setting my foot off Gisenyi. I asked to God; ‘why did you let it happen?’;
‘go back and I shall let you know once back home’ God replied. What was consecrated to be a ‘thanksgiving day for God’ is what Gitwaza turned into  [Africa rise]
High Prist Gataha Straton:
Soothers’ Spirit:
Here is the ‘Soothers spirit’-representative in Rwanda, who was rewarded and promoted to pay visit the former USA President J. W. Bush, during Malaria-eradication initiative-conference. See to it that he doesn’t even have a half of church-membership as compared to Rene Masasu or Gitwaza’s congregation.
Yet, he was the one to be gratified the honor to go to USA. Furthermore, the head of Freemason ‘Rick Warren’ donated a funding to religious leaders via Pastor. Gataha Stratton. [Here is his wife! His eyes, you can see, host extraordinary powers!!!]
The undisputed testimony concerning the identity (spiritual) of Pastor. Stratton, the leader of the church known as “Eglise Vivante” at Kigali.
It was in February 2001, when we, seven of us, set off to gather for evening room-prayers; all of us were worshipers from “Vivante” Church. We headed for Kabeza District at the AEER headquarter whose Director, Pastor. Rutayisire Antoine secured us a room for prayer-requests.
Since God had had spoken unto me about Pastor Stratton, I fearfully refrained from disclosing what I had learned about him unless God could give me signs and tangible facts evidence against him; so as to boldly address him.
Along with me, during the prayer-intercessions, were Olivier, Furaha, Renovat,Florance,Damacent, and others whose names I can’t easily recall. Then God spoke unto me He was going to show me a miracle!
At about 4:48 during nighttime, I received a phone call (+25078537451) from Pastor. Stratton; being thunderstruck I heard from Pst. Straton asking me if I had bleeped him! In reply, I said “no!” then I went on inquiring if he needed help.
The leader of ‘Vivante’ Church, Pastor Stratton
He replied unto me saying; “I feel troubled!” That phone conversation took place at the hearing of everyone around me. I responded to him saying that God had given a message dedicated to him, and that I was waiting for a sign to ensure that what God had spoken about him was really from God himself.
Pastor Stratton besought to meet with me on the following day (which was Saturday) at Church, 10:00 am; in order to hear from God’s message about him; and I consented! The next day, morning time at 10:00 a.m. we met, and I began telling him how God revealed his [clandestine] alcohol-drinking habits!
I told him about how he lives by satanic powers; he then beg of me to come, another day, to his dwelling place to tell him more about it, and I agreed. After we had gone on each other’s separate way, God warned me, concerning the forthcoming encounter, about his satanic powers, hosted in his eyes: when he glares at one’s eyes; and that the latter blinks before he does, you become his victim.
“Therefore, take precautions that you will not blink your own eyes at all before him, for you shall surely die, don’t be afraid to go there… I shall be with you” God addressed me.
As convened, on Tuesday, I met with him to his house, well prepared to welcome me, and I myself was ready to face his demonic forces, and therefore we ignited our conversation, all the time, daring not to blink my own eyes.
Having noticed, I couldn’t twinkle, he went speechless for about thirty (30) minutes, and I myself stayed mute. Yet, he was contracting and amassing his demonic powers to defeat me, and I triumphantly resisted, for God was with me. Realizing my invincible resistance, he finally gave in and ended up winkling; all of a sudden God said unto me that I had come out victorious and that I should hurry out of that place so as not to collapse on the way back home.
Eventually, I bid my farewell to him; and he begged of me to change my mind concerning the prophecy I had uttered in the church, confessing that I had been pushed by anonymous agents, so as to earn his favor of returning to work under his church ministry.
Until that time, Pastor Stratton had been portraying a great admiration on my part, for I hadn’t become a follower of Pastor. Kalinda in spite of our close relatedness; yet little knows that God had sustained my ties with him [Pastor. Stratton] for a Divine reason.
The aforementioned Pastor Charles Kalinda, had been fallen victim of a conspiracy mounted by Pastor. Straton in conjunction with Pastor. Edmond (from Burundi), a High priest from “Church-of Vivante”  in Burundi.
The said Pastorr Edmond is the pivot conspirator who made it possible for Pastor Charles Kalinda to go and further his studies in UK, so that meantime, Pastor. Stratton Gataha gets the opportunities, on his way back from theological studies in Kenya, to take over Kalinda’s post by uprooting all his administration staff, all the time instating his [Stratton’s] own.
By that time, a region-separatist demonic spirit had been prevailing in the church of “Vivante Church”; some complaining that the church was undeservedly under the influence of ‘Anglophones”, instead of belonging to the francophone pioneers.
God sent me to go and warn PST Kalinda Charles not to go to UK for studies, and he opposed. He justified himself before me that he were to go and get a refreshing stay. He finally went to UK for eight months, while Pastor. Stratton was six month short to completion of his studies in Kenya.
Briefly speaking, by the time, Pastor Kalinda got back from UK, all his administration crew had been replaced by Pastor. Stratton; even though PST Kalinda was greatly admired by church-worshipers. Likewise, they got rid of him.
God continued to reveal the youth within the church of “Vivante Church” vainly attempting to make God change his mind about the foretold church-curse, by means of incessant prayer-requests; yet that prophecy had lasted more than ten years; and nothing was going to hold back what it prophesied about.
 Endearingly, I saw the church collapsing little by little as God had declared in 2002; I also saw many people uttering alarming prayers, beseeching God for at least relent on and/or hold back his anger against the church.
Nevertheless, nothing was going to change, they would rather regret for having waited their time [vainly], instead of using it for other beneficial activities; noticing how pitiful they were while trying to front God’s prophecy as not to be fulfilled.
This is what God proclaimed against Vivante; “Vivante, Vivante, you used to be the first fruit among all Rwandan churches, yet because of your arrogance, I shall bring shame on you before the nations!”
Fulfilled Prophecy
Pastor Edmond Kivuye.
God spoke unto me saying that they were going to get rid of Pastorr. Kalinda Charles, it was 05/02/2002. God addressed me when I was in an ‘O.K.A.P.I.’ minivan for Gisenyi, just half-way to Kigali province and Ruhengeri road; God told me that he was going to join his forefathers.
As a consequence Pastor. Charles Kalinda fell sick, and his skin developed inflammatory blisters. Then, Pastor Stratton who had ambushed him with poison, recommended him to go to a private dispensary [Private Cabinet]; and that concluded Pastor. Charles Kalinda’s life on Earth.
He was immediately transferred to King Faisal Hospital; and the Hospital asked Pastor. Gataha Stratton for issuing a request-letter of the transfer.
Pastor Stratton who knew what he had done, deliberately absented himself for two days, and on the third day he knew that it was already too late for Charles to recover; he therefore convened to compose the transfer-letter. Pastor. Kalinda breathed his last in an airplane to Nairobi before setting his foot in the Hospital. In that way he got rid of him to usurp the church leadership.
Sept 27, 2011 God showed me, through stupefying visions, the ‘Beasts’ of Rwanda fleeing bearing names of Ministries of RPF government along with President Paul Kagame. This is how those names were portrayed: I saw a beast responding under the name of Education Ministry, Health Ministry, Interior Ministry, and many more.
However, I kept focusing well on the beast tagged as “Radio-Rwanda”, it was seen as a ‘donkey’ prototype, very dog-tired; all the said beasts were seen expatriating northward of Rwanda, while the conquerors succeeded in usurping Kigali, the Capital City.
Oct 20, 2011 God exposed the wife of Ahab (Ahab is Paul Kagame and his wife is likened to Ahab’s wife). God allowed me to see, in visions, Ahab-Kagame’s wife being plunged in great, irrevocable despair. She therefore conceived an idea about killing her own husband i.e. Ahab Kagame. One of the reasons as to why she became worried and desperate, according to what God revealed to me, was that she has come to realize that death is nigh their doorstep, that her husband shall be slaughtered disgracefully, then her children in turn shall become like all other orphans.
Hence forth, Mrs. Ahab Nyiramongi Jeannette began to conspire to kill her husband [Ahab], so as to overthrow Ahab’s ruler ship without a bloodshed, yet in vain. God further said unto me that Mrs. Ahab Nyiramongi Jeannette is searching for people to do the dirty-job; that she has begun to plan and implement so, after realizing that Ahab has turn powerless to confront the ever-erupting national challenges and threats.
In addition, God declared that Mrs. Ahab knows beyond a shadow of doubt that her husband will be cut down; and as result she’s looking for a way out to do it [killing him] on her own in order to avoid the bloodletting, since her husband stands a key-problem for Rwanda, an in docile husband.
I then began to see her fetching for the hit-men to accomplish the dirty-job, to finish up Ahab-Paul Kagame; wishing [by Nyiramongi Jeannette] that Ahab be sacrificed instead of their offspring.
Another prophet who was approached by the squad of Inyangenews-papers, is known as Pastor Mbabazi Jules. The latter addressed the newspaper-writers saying that he saw unheard-of and dreadful events ahead.
Prophet Mbabazi Jules prophesied publicly
“But since I am currently a Rwandan dweller, and that I fear they may fathom that I too am a prophet, I cannot dare prophesy about it, since the RPF government may threaten me along with my wife, who is employed by the national Police force department of Rwanda.” PST Mbabazi Jules further added.
My wife, who grew up in exile, in Uganda, is in charge of medical logistics nationwide for the Rwandan Police Department; hence I can’t let this favor slip between my fingers” Mbabazi pointed out.
The aforesaid prophet, Pastor Jules argues that God showed to him, in visions, two mountains between which there was a grooved valley.
He then vision squad of people on one mountain and other people standing on the other. He further sighted those on the opposite far-located mountain being well-dressed, and they were adversaries to Mr. President Kagame. Then the Prophet Jules took heed of Kagame grumbling about having reckoned General Kayumba Nyamwasa as the one who would put him to death, at all cost.
Kagame was seen attempting to call for help from his bodyguard, but all remained indifferent/bystanders! But instead, they were impatiently looking forward to backing up Nyamwasa upon his waging war as to overthrow Paul Kagame’s regime.
Fulfilled Prophecy:
God warned him and he would not care less! [What follows is a direct speech from Pft. Leon Majeshi]
Another message I was given from God to prophesy, which was even fulfilled, is related to a cohort of agents for Bank-stems[under the umbrella of Micro finance], among which were “Ongera [Growth]
Pastor Rwandamura:
Micro finance and Gwiza [Build up] Micro finance; following are names of their representative Chief Executive Officers:
1) Bishop Rwandamura the ‘Gwiza’ CEO; along with 2) Pst. Nyamurangwa Fred. God sent me to the former to alert him that he must keep praying so as not to face the forthcoming bankruptcy.
Gazed at me, and in reply, he said that he had been serving God [The Living God of Israel and Rwanda] for over 20 years, that God had bestowed on him a resting, all the time wondering how it could be possible to fall into the economic failure.
He further rebuked me saying that I was out my mind, that I should go back and pray for myself instead. I therefore besought him to pray for me, since he is a Bishop; he then responded as follows:
“Go and pray again for yourself, and whatever God reveals to you again, come back and tell me” he said. Finally, I set off from that place; and by the term of two weeks I heard people speaking the aforesaid Banks closing their doors.
Before, he passed away, I had spoken with him, it was in June 17, 2011, exhorting him to pray, and imploring God for God had revealed to me he would be put to death by the Rwandan intelligence hit men.
In the following day at dawn, I addressed the Head-Officers of ‘Ongera’-Micro finance Bank, viz. General Director Ingabire Charles and also Ernest, declaring that their Bank was going to fall victim of a Liquidation, that they should put to halt every activity that they had been engaged in so as to give room to a supplication prayer; for they were going to face an unprecedented disaster, and that only a prayer is the only [sine qua non] way out to escape from that scourge.
Then after, the Director General Mr. Ingabire Charles retorted -while lecturing me-[as if what I had prophesied was a nonsense]: “My friend this is an institution… we have established a ‘Limited corporation’, which means it is a franchised micro finance bank to officially operate legitimately!”
Then there came a man whose name is Ernest, calling me forth to get and benefit from his [whole heatedly] donation of 50,000 RWF, and asking me to pray for only himself and to forget about everything else. Afterwards, I went off and began to pray for him; then in the aftermath I heard of the ‘Ongera’ micro finance Bank being shut down, and its Head-staff taking to the woods in exile.
May, 2011 God showed me in vision, [a man] signing a treaty with the Rwandan government, that [he] would go by disclosing any information from RNC along with that information pertaining to the Government of Uganda.
Then I caught a vision, and behold, I saw Ingabire agreeing to collaborate with the Rwandan intelligence under covers (spies), and upon reaching him out they hurried to put him to death:
This incited me to search for him, beforehand, as to alert him about what God had shown me to befall him, and upon finding him, he disavowed to commit himself to do what the visions had revealed, all the time adding that he was given a sacred covenant from his brethren –Banyamurenge– who prophesied that he wouldn’t die, that instead he would return back to his homeland to become a dignified Noble.
Fulfilled prophecy:
The prophecy that was fulfilled; Last Thursday; October 13, 2011
Prophecy concerning Col. Muammar-Gaddafi.
The LORD of Hosts spoke unto his servant Majeshi Leon that col. Gaddafi was approaching the end of his lifetime; these revelations occurred on October 13, 2011. God continued telling him that after the death of col. Muammar al-Gaddafi, the insurgency (or war) would immediately turn to Rwanda.
Oct 17, 2011 God showed me vision of President Paul Kagame deprived of his entourage and bodyguards. Only women were around; usually when God speaks of people, He DOES NOT refer to (or touch on) women and children, He instead means ONLY MEN.
God made it known, through His prophet that President Paul Kagame is not a man as peoples would think; instead God exposed him to be a spiritual grandson of NYIRABIYORO [the sorcerer].
Looking back in time and considering what Nyirabiyoro foretold about the former Rwandan Presidents .Habyarimana and Kayibanda, one may reveal much demarcated idiosyncrasies between those two aforesaid presidents and President Kagame, over more than 200 years this daemon of Nyirabiyoro has been ruling over Rwanda.
President Kagame is a demon [an evil-spirit] and not a human being, the reason as to why even Westerners (White-skinned peoples) horridly venerate him. As a matter of fact, God Himself came to deal watchfully with this mystery or case, so as to prevent this daimon of Nyirabiyoro from continuing to rule over the nation of Rwanda, in the aftermath of President Kagame’s overthrow.
None is able to oppose or dethrone President Kagame except God alone, for Kagame subdues [surpasses]that of any kind of human power; that is the reason why God has set out to deliver His Chosen Ones.
Oct 18, 2011 God revealed the nation of Rwanda being conquered, yet deserted of people, that only a handful of individuals was present; that even those few present were those who used to serve as soldiers.
The Prophet affirms having vision a long cue of a bunch of peoples aligned to apply for temporal passport [or visa-entry or passport]. He goes on declaring that he saw, the new regime in power, undertaking a program aiming at counseling, training or educating its people or hired employees as to render them into agents able to bring about fruitful services to their government.
On October 19, 2011 God showed through my vision, the kickoff of a military training concomitantly with all Rwandans opposing President Kagame, all collectively together aspiring to overthrow his regime!
Nevertheless, they knew not that the said regime had already been overthrown, just before long ago!! Thereafter, God revealed Kagame Paul’s undercover-agents being terribly upset, for his [their] regime had ended unexpectedly.
A Rwandan elder, known as Alphan serving for the Islamic religion, also communicated his owe-inspiring dreams to us, alertly enough to the extent that to whomever tells them, finds them inspirational: He ascertains having vision a multitude white-skinned peoples assembled in Uganda to address to President Museveni, and thereafter they headed for Kigali.
This elder continued affirming that upon their arrival in Kigali, President Kagame welcomed them warmly [or gave them the red-carpet treatment]. After having settled down, in seats of honor, they handed scrolls [papers] (they had come along with) over to Kagame, while informing him that his Republican ruler ship goes against legitimacy [or is fraudulent]!
In reply, Kagame said that he knows it, and that he took power being dictated by the Rwandan customary tactics. Then, the white-people addressed him that they had come along with Kigeli, who was left behind, and requested Kagame to hasten his stepping down from presidency.
The LORD of hosts benevolently gave away treasonable promises and hopes, yet the promises perished amidst the path leading to the fulfillment of those promises; and all this conceivably attempting one to think vainly of God as a cheater!?Nonetheless, all this happened to them, by lack of acquiring revealing inspirations about other people who disgustedly came and swindled their promised inheritance [or gifts] out of their ignorance.
That is the working of Satan targeting at detaching peoples from God. See to it that there is no other drive that brings those disguised Devil-worshipers (servants) to the Church EXCEPT to spy on God-Promises, there are even those, one may think of as God-servants yet being wolves in sheep garments, full of covetousness and jealousy. Notice that everyone who is possessed by avarice and jealousy is bound to kill, and he hasn’t yet been transformed by the Holy Spirit.
It is pretty easy to spy on and or coax “saved” [God-devout worshiper, also known as “born again”] into disclosing their God-given promises, since we naively tend to testify every testimony without reserve or discretion. It is highly recommendable to unleash the testimony but not to the prejudice of disclosing your God-given promises!
To get one’s God-given promises restored is almost hardly impossible; as for me, it took about three years of incessant prayers, days and nights. Fortunately, I was lucky and blessed to be endowed with a gift of divine revelation and prophecy! Now come to think of those deprived of such gifts, how could they cope up with such a puzzle?
Godly men or -servants God, start off being spiritual and end up being ‘of-the-flesh’ or atheistic; not because they do not love God, but rather they did not stay alert (vigilant, or prudent).
And this because of an assemblage-in worshiping Temples, on several occasion– of peoples from various walks of life among whom Satan envoys intermingle.
Upon receiving unknowingly and or unconsciously tithe (or Gift or donation) from these masquerading, Lucifer-messengers; especially from those who prefer handing in tithes at homes and not in churches; such as these are the most suspicious ones whose close vigilance must be taken, since upon receiving their money, or upon loaning them some money from your own hands; that immediately spells an ending to your finical revenue! Therefore you end up with a desperate groaning, and quenching for the rest of your life.
Upon being aware of the presence of the Prophets within the congregation, they begin to stir up quarreling atmosphere between the Prophets and the Shepherd or Priests; so as to cause the latter to chase away the former from churches.
Upon paying a close attention, one may find 1) people opposing the Prophets, 2) false-prophets who feign to be real Prophets under the Satan ministry; and all this alluding to destroy the church as well as to shield us from recessing God’s blessings and Gifts, preserved for us.
Therefore, for stopping this from happening, it is essential to be endowed with a gift of a divine Seer in conjunction with being taken in prayers by a devout and law-abiding people, full of the Holy Spirit.
Church leaders or Shepherds have had the guts to approach wealthy church-members so as to assist the congregation in fulfilling their needs, yet little knowing where those businessmen or rich people got their riches or money from.
It is pretty common to find that most, if not all people get enriched by means of Lucifer’s hand, even being ministering in for Satan within the same Church; and this culminating in a vainly grudging dis-union among Church leaders and the led Christ-followers, yet unduly. We are in an alerting need to have Church-Leaders who are endowed with a Gift of a divine Seer or of Prophecy, ready to protect and rescue the Church from the evil; for we are endowed with special gifts, so let them be exercised accordingly.
When a demon fronts a Church-Leader to become a demon-possessed, it also turns him impoverished, all the time sowing in him a spirit of panic toward deprivation; and this yielding to a state whereby a Church-Leader no longer spares room for thinking about his assigned Church ministry and for a spiritual growth.
But rather begins to crave for a financial lifestyle. He then abhors those who don’t offer a tithe, and in turn the Christians hate him back (or turn against their leader), since Satan has spreads spirit of grudge or “Rejection spirit” or of a rebellion.
In that atmosphere, Church sermons become like billable, training lectures; the reason why the Holy Scriptures exhort us that by lack of revelation or prophecy, worshipers turn in docile and Lawless since they are not led by the Holy Spirit.
After these Satan-worshipers have bewitched and victimized you as for a miserable sacrifice; their wishful needs go fulfilled as planed; whereas you, as their victim, remain sunk in endless troubles so long as nothing hasn’t been revealed to you yet to confront those evil-powers.
At this point, many end up loosening hopes and faith on their savior GOD, and prefer to go and consult sorcerers, diviners, astrologers, witches, magician, necromancer, wizard and all other sorts of abominable spiritualist. The church is at an alarming state for regaining Holy Spirit-driven worshipers to revive and rescue misled God’s people, taken captive by the wicked one.
It is written in the book of Revelation (Rev.12:12); “… Woe to the inhabited of the earth and of the sea! For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he known then that he hath but a short time.” Satan, the Devil never gives himself a rest so as to let his victims to take a little sigh.
And that is the reason why many fall victims of the Devil by lack of reckoning the kind of evil-powers they fight against, taking matters on a loosened end. Despite the fact of matter Satan attacks us, God has paved the way for us, through His grace, to oppose and fight back against him (Lucifer)! One has to be strengthened in (Jesus Christ).
Dear Beloved Brethren, we ought to grow wise and think twice so as to not play up to the Devil; since that latter does not care less about doing good to us at all. For whosoever will dare to befriend and play with the Devil, will not delay to embrace troubles endlessly.
There is no other trustful friend of the God-chosen ones, except those who received (Jesus Christ) as our savior; sadly the number is too meager, less than 1%.
Many are those who assemble with us, yet they haven’t yet taken their cross and follow Jesus Christ with sincerity. In addition, such of those have been drawn to us by other motives than reaching out Heavenly goals i.e. “promised everlasting lives “but, they rather come and spy on overjoyed, blessed God-chosen ones, in order to tear up their delight in the LORD of Host and harm them.
It is a striking fact indeed, to see how a man goes after fetching Satan’s abode, and upon reaching the place, they impose him on complying with their unbearable, inhuman laws and decrees which he even manages to faithfully follow; whilst when he was still a Christ-follower, failed to follow the easily viable Laws of (Jesus Christ) .See to it that he blindly gives everything they [bottomless-pit-dwellers] ask of him for a sacrifice; yet when he was still in Christ, he was only asked of sacrificing himself in abiding by the God’s Laws.
On the contrary, upon Satan’s imposition, whether he sacrifices his biological parents, or his own wife, or his intimates or even siblings, he does not care less; so long as he hopes to get his whim and expectations fulfilled! “Foolish, do you NOT think that if you could turn to God with such submissive and zealous mind (heart), all things shall be granted to you?
My wife, who grew up in exile, in Uganda, is in charge of medical logistics nationwide for the Rwandan Police Department; hence I can’t let this favor slip between my fingers” Mbabazi pointed out.
Pastor Jules also said that God revealed to him the downfall of “Rwanda-for-Jesus” Temple led Pastor Gashumba; even that the latter would be ostracized from the God’s Temple. This “man-of-God”, being also, a zealous RPF-devotee affirms having called forth Pastor Gashumba to meet with him, opposite to T-2000 public square, just nearby to “Inkurunziza” headquarter; in order to reach him out with a disclosed message from God.
He reported that Pastor Gashumba didn’t add any word except to beg of keeping him abreast of whatever God reveals concerning him. They thus exchanged their contact-phone numbers. The “man-of-God”, also the prominent RPF- devotee, is currently following theological studies in Uganda, WAKISO district, in the outskirts of Kampala Capital City.
He is also one of the hired undercover agents or hit men by the government of Rwanda to spy on and or hunt down Majeshi Leon, the Prophet.
Yet, the latter used to warmly welcome and host PST. Jules; all the time taking care of most of his needs. Prophet Leon even accompanied and assisted PST. Jules to get enrolled in the said theological college.
Regretfully, now see to it that Pastor Jules repaid that kindness with a sincere plot of betrayal against Majeshi the Prophet; yet both of them being prophets under the service of the same Living God.
 Interestingly enough, God had revealed, through visions, to Majeshi, right before his abduction by the Ugandan intelligence agents, the way Pastor MBABAZI Jules would betray him; even the same visions had been imparted to Mrs. Majeshi from God himself. Meanwhile, Jules had already gone on a leave at “Rwanda”, and on his way back the Prophet Leon addressed him on how he was going to conspire against Majeshi.
 All of a sudden, PST. Mbabazi Jules fell stunned, feigning to be indignant showing off as someone who wouldn’t commit such ignominious atrocities. Since then, Pastor Jules never stepped off back to Prophet Majeshi’s house.
In the ensuing events, he set out to hire hit-men as middle-men (mercenaries) with a mission to behead Majeshi Leon, the Prophet.[Ah, who shall then inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, under these circumstances? Yet, the Word of God, warns us while declaring that in the last days many are those who shall betray or turn against one another.
God made it known, through His prophet that President Paul Kagame is not a man as peoples would think; instead God exposed him to be a spiritual grandson of NYIRABIYORO [the sorcerer]. That is even the reason why the sorcerer foretold Kageme’s future advent, thereby calling him “Rukirigitangwe rwa Mudatinya [the-daredevil-Leopard-potter]” This had already been foretold 280 years ago, including 54 years of Kagame’s age; this is also one of the reasons people are extremely horrified of him. Normally, Kagame has the power to read out people’s thoughts, for he is a spirit [or a demon].
That was a foreshadowed and pre-planned scheme by the sorcerer Nyirabiyoro with the aim of avenging herself against the Kingdom of Rwanda, which had overturned their [Nyirabiyoro’s and her son’s] dominion. During that time, the King of Rwanda NDABARASA asked of the King of KARAGWE (currently in Tanzania) to deport both Nyirabiyoro and her son who had exiled in Karagwe, and this based on the bilaterally governmental treaty they both had contracted between the two kingdoms.
Looking back in time and considering what Nyirabiyoro foretold about the former Rwandan President Habyarimana and Kayibanda, one may reveal much demarcated idiosyncrasies between those two aforesaid presidents and President Kagame, over more than 200 years this demon of Nyirabiyoro has been ruling over Rwanda.
President Kagame is a demon [an evil-spirit] and not a human being, the reason as to why even Westerners (White-skinned peoples) horrified venerate him. As a matter of fact, God Himself came to deal watchfully with this mystery/case, so as to prevent this demon of Nyirabiyoro from continuing to rule over the nation of Rwanda, in the aftermath of President Kagame’s overthrow. None is able to oppose or dethrone President Kagame except God alone, for Kagame subdues [surpasses] that of any kind of human power; that is the reason why God has set out to deliver His Chosen Ones.
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