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The world Prophecy of Majeshi Leon Version (ll) TWPV

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OCT 18, 2011 God revealed the nation of Rwanda being conquered, yet deserted of people, that only a handful of individuals was present; that even those few present were those who used to serve as soldiers. The Prophet affirms having vision a long cue of a bunch of peoples aligned to apply for laissez passer [or visa-entry or passport]. He goes on declaring that he saw, the new regime in power, undertaking a program aiming at counseling, training or educating its people or hired employees as to render them into agents able to bring about fruitful services to their government.

OCT 19, 2011 God showed through my vision, the kickoff of a military training concomitantly with all Rwandans opposing President Kagame, all collectively together aspiring to overthrow his regime! Nevertheless, they knew not that the said regime had already been overthrown, just before long ago!!Thereafter, God revealed Kagame Paul’s undercover-agents being terribly upset, for his [their] regime had ended unexpectedly.
The LORD of hosts benevolently gave away treasonable promises and hopes, yet the promises perished amidst the path leading to the fulfillment of those promises; and all this deceivingly attempting one to think vainly of God as a cheater!?Nonetheless, all this happened to them, by lack of acquiring revealing inspirations about other people who disgustedly came and swindled their promised inheritance [or gifts] out of their ignorance. That is the working of Satan targeting at detaching peoples from God.

See to it that there is no other drive that brings those disguised Devil-worshipers (servants) to the Church EXCEPT to spy on God-Promises, there are even those, one may think of as God-servants yet being wolves in sheep garments, full of covetousness and jealousy. Notice that everyone who is possessed by avarice and jealousy is bound to kill, and he hasn’t yet been transformed by the Holy Spirit.
It is pretty easy to spy on and or coax “save Dees” [God-devout worshipers, also known as “born again”] into disclosing their God-given promises, since we naively tend to testify every testimony without reserve or discretion.
It is highly recommendable to unleash the testimony but not to the prejudice of disclosing your God-given promises! To get one’s God-given promises restored is almost hardly impossible; as for me, it took about three years of incessant prayers, days and nights.
Fortunately, I was lucky and blessed to be endowed with a gift of divine revelation and prophecy! Now come to think of those deprived of such gifts, how could they cope up with such a puzzle?

Godly men or -servants, start off being spiritual and end up being ‘of-the-flesh’ or atheistic; not because they do not love God, but rather they did not stay alert (vigilant, or prudent).
And this because of an assemblage-in worshiping Temples, on several occasion- of peoples from various walks of life among whom Satan envoys intermingle.

Upon receiving unknowingly and or unconsciously a tithe (or Gift or donation) from these masquerading, Lucifer-messengers; especially from those who prefer handing in tithes at homes and not in churches; such as these are the most suspicious ones whose close vigilance must be taken, since upon receiving their money, or upon loaning them some money from your own hands; that immediately spells an ending to your financial revenue!
Therefore you end up with a desperate groaning, and quenching for the rest of your life.Upon being aware of the presence of the Prophets within the congregation, they begin to stir up quarreling atmosphere between the Prophets and the Shepherd or Priests; so as to cause the latter to chase away the former from churches.
Upon paying a close attention, one may find (1) people opposing the Prophets, (2) false-prophets who feign to be real Prophets under the Satan ministry; and all this alluding to destroy the church as well as to shield us from receiving God’s blessings and Gifts, preserved for us.
Therefore, for stopping this from happening, it is essential to be endowed with a gift of a divine Seer in conjunction with being taken in prayers by a devout and law-abiding people, full of the Holy Spirit.

Church leaders or Shepherds have had the guts to approach wealthy church-members so as to assist the congregation in fulfilling their needs, yet little knowing where those businessmen or rich people got their riches or money from.
It is pretty common to find that most, if not all people get enriched by means of Lucifer’s hand, even being ministering in for Satan within the same Church; and this culminating in a vainly grudging disunion among Church leaders and the led Christ-followers, yet unduly.
We are in an alerting need to have Church-Leaders who are endowed with a Gift of a divine Seer or of Prophecy, ready to protect and rescue the Church from the evil; for we are endowed with special gifts, so let them be exercised accordingly.

When a demon fronts a Church-Leader to become a demon-possessed, it also turns him impoverished, all the time sowing in him a spirit of panic toward deprivation; and this yielding to a state whereby a Church-Leader no longer spares room for thinking about his assigned Church ministry and for a spiritual growth.But rather begins to crave for a financial lifestyle.
He then abhors those who don’t offer a tithe, and in turn the Christians hate him back (or turn against their leader), since Satan has spread spirit of grudge or “Rejection spirit” or of a rebellion. In that atmosphere, Church sermons become like billable, training lectures; the reason why the Holy Scriptures exhort us that by lack of revelation or prophecy, worshipers turn in docile and Lawless since they are not led by the Holy Spirit.
After these Satan-worshipers have bewitched and victimized you as for a miserable sacrifice; their wishful needs go fulfilled as planed; whereas you, as their victim, remain sunk in endless troubles so long as nothing hasn’t been revealed to you yet to confront those evil-powers.

At this point, many end up loosening hopes and faith on their savior GOD, and prefer to go and consult sorcerers, diviners, astrologers, witches, magician, necromancer, wizard and all other sorts of abominable spirit.
The church is at an alarming state for regaining Holy Spirit-driven worshipers to revive and rescue misled God’s people, taken captive by the wicked one.

It is written in the book of Revelation (Rev.12:12); “… Woe to the in habitats of the earth and of the sea! For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he known that he hath but a short time.” Satan, the Devil never gives himself a rest so as to let his victims to take a little sigh.

And that is the reason why many fall victims of the Devil by lack of reckoning the kind of evil-powers they fight against, taking matters on a loosened end. Despite the fact of matter Satan attacks us, God has paved the way for us, through His grace, to oppose and fight back against him (Lucifer)! One has to be strengthened in (Jesus Christ) (Jesus Christ).
Dear Beloved Brethren, we ought to grow wise and think twice so as to not play up to the Devil; since that latter does not care less about doing good to us at all. For whosoever will dare to befriend and play with the Devil, will not delay to embrace troubles endlessly.
There is no other trustful friend of the God-chosen ones, except those who received (Jesus Christ) as our savior; sadly the number is too meager, less than 1%.

Many are those who assemble with us, yet they haven’t yet taken their cross and follow Jesus Christ with sincerity. In addition, such of those have been drawn to us by other motives than reaching out Heavenly goals i.e. “promised everlasting lives “but, they rather come and spy on overjoyed, blessed God-chosen ones, in order to tear up their delight in the LORD of Host and harm them.
It is a striking fact indeed, to see how a man goes after fetching Satan’s abode, and upon reaching the place, they impose him on complying with their unbearable, inhuman laws and decrees which he even manages to faithfully follow; whilst when he was still a Christ-follower, failed to follow the easily viable Laws of (Jesus Christ).

See to it that he blindly gives everything they [bottomless-pit-dwellers] ask of him for a sacrifice; yet when he was still in Christ, he was only asked of sacrificing himself in abiding by the God’s Laws.
On the contrary, upon Satan’s imposition, whether he sacrifices his biological parents, or his own wife, or his intimates or even siblings, he does not care less; so long as he hopes to get his whim and expectations fulfilled! “Foolish, do you NOT think that if you could turn to God with such submissive and zealous mind (heart), all things shall be granted to you?”
Luke 13:31-35
“The same day there came certain of the Pharisees, saying unto him, Get thee out, and depart hence: for Herod will kill thee. And he said unto them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I shall be perfected. Nevertheless I must walk to day, and tomorrow, and the day following: for it cannot be that prophets perish out of Jerusalem…”

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which kills the prophets, and stoniest them that are sent unto thee; thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say, Blessed is he that come in the name of the Lord.”
Those are words I received from GOD himself, on June 16, 2006 when I was taken away in vision, hearing from someone who sounded like a man exhorting me to say as follows:


In that very moment, my heart was filled with extreme sorrowfulness, then GOD spoke unto me enunciating that Rwandans do not want to take heed of HIS plea but rather they expect GOD to listen their instead!This prophecy is deducted to the Capital City of Kigali; since the latter shall face unprecedented disaster in any recorded history; even other nations of the Earth shall be greatly stupefied and horribly speechless. “To whoever shall rejoice over Kigali’s desolation, disasters await for them, in return” declares the LORD.

Another prophet who was interviewed by the Journal Inyangenews, is Pastor Mbabazi Jules. He addressed Inyangenews-reporters affirming to have seen in vision unspeakable, horrifying events. “Since, I live in Rwanda, I am not motivated to disclose those visions, for fear of being sued and tormented by the current, ruling RPF-authority; more importantly to avoid endanger my wife’s safety, who is in charge of medical logistics nationwide for the Rwandan Police Department; hence I can’t let this favor slip between my fingers” Mbabazi pointed out.
I realized that President Kagame Paul was perplexedly frightened, muttering about whether he was seeing his adversaries Kayumba Nyamwasa and Karegeya from the other opposite end!? Those who stood by his side, remained speechless; while, as in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, I saw the adversaries conquering the nation of Rwanda.

Majeshi affirms that vast will be a number of people who shall perish by a sword during that unprecedented holocaust; and that the rest of the whole world shall go puzzled stupefied, even deadly frightened to extent that all nations of the Earth shall become paralyzed and ashamed of standing by when all such calamity happened right in the front their own plain sight.
Here is the kind of spirit that works through Prophet Paul Gitwaza, which also imparts him power, fame and honor. He also partakes in this demon with Mr. President Paul Kagame; yet God exposed them, all the time putting an end to their influence and lifetime [they too are aware of it!].

Gitwaza has been prophesying lies, on several occasion; in 2006 proclaimed in Rwanda, that by 2010 the poorest among the poor would be able to afford a bicycle; he further uttered prophetically a curse on the Newspaper-publisher known as “Umuseso newspaper”, while asserting that it wouldn’t be in service any longer within a 3-months period; yet nothing came to pass, as an indicator that Gitwaza anti a prophet from God.

Aug 06, 2010 God revealed to me how He reproves Apostle Rene Masasu for his sunniness, haughtiness and covetousness to sit in high-places, all time acting as an RPF-undercover and or partisan. That does not mean he gave up on his divine faith and belief, but rather a reproach that he shouldn’t have meddled, as a God-servant, in politics and works of the flesh.
Moreover, God revealed that he may go hermetically pagan while adhering to the pursuit of worldly riches, fame and honor, by lack of being grateful of how God himself blessed him enough with glory and dignity.

Aug 13, 2002, the so-called Apostle Gitwaza received ‘power-of-darkness’ intended to bestow success and luck on him, in whichever activity he undertakes including worldwide honor and fame as well as the proliferation in his church-clientele.

Oct 10, 2002 God showed me, in vision, pledging his allegiance with Satan’s servants, known as ‘Freemasons’, signing up a contract of a five-year term, at the end of which all his heart desires might be granted and plans accomplished –he was guaranteed–. The anti-Christ bestowed on him power and reverence for submission and fear from his victims, as well as admiration and riches.

Among the audience, was the most faithful God-servant, Mr. Alphani who stood aloof from Gitwaza’s conspiracy; he thus uttered a prophecy revealing Gitwaza’s devilishness and expected curse. That same night, while fallen asleep, Mr. Alphani was taken in vision by God to see what kind of spirit works through Gitwaza; God explained well to him that Gitwaza is not a Jesus’ Disciple, but rather an anti-Christ servant.
Sept13, 2003, God exposed the power-of-darkness, bestowed on minister Gitwaza, getting waned to termination. Gitwaza attempted, on several occasions, to use such power as to bedevil the Prophet Majeshi Leon, yet God opposed and protected his prophet. When you are endowed with a gift of prophecy that exposes the power-of-darkness on a global scale, those possessed by such spirits happen to recognize the expounder.
Seer; therefore attempting to do everything they can to get you indigent and or killed to protect their identities. It is in this fashion that both the Devil-servant Gitwaza and Gataha Stratton, a leader of the ‘Vivante-Church’ who also uses the power-of-darkness tagged as “Soothers spirit” operate. These kind of power are hosted within their eyes, so that you become their victim upon blinking your eyes.

They conspired to demonize and murder the Prophet Majeshi Leon through a female demon, Fortunately, God had already revealed to his prophet about this female demon so that Majeshi could force her to expose her masters. She confessed to have had been sent by Gitwaza and Gataha Stratton; yet there was no-one else to alert Majeshi, except he had to stand firm in Divine faith and protection under God’s wings; otherwise he would have perished right away on the spot, if God hadn’t intervened.
Upon conversing with Majeshi Leon, one ends up understanding the great secretes of spiritualism. He [Majeshi] vividly ascertains that, within the congregation led by the Satan servant ‘Gitwaza’, there are only eight (8) faithful, God-servants:
Four (4) women, two (2) men and (2) young men. Another uncontroversial proof that Paul Gitwaza is a “false prophet” is given by the fact that he [Gitwaza] prophesied, in 2008 amidst “INKURUNZIZA” church congregation, about the victorious participation in FIFA World Cup of Nations -tournament by the Rwandan National Soccer Team “AMAVUBI”, and which was held in South Africa.

Irritatingly enough is the fact that the Rwandan National football team never escaped the pre-selection phase contested via CAN (African Cup of Nations). It is to recall that this trophy-tournament gathers the elite soccer-teams regionally.

Another irrevocable proof of Paul Gitwaza being a false prophet is portrayed in the following past event: One day, the satan-disciple Paul Gitwaza paid visit to a God-servant known as Sebakara Sandral whose working place is located down street (south) to the “GISIMENTI” area, whereby he [Sebakara] runs a Construction-Enterprise.
Then I saw in a vision, the Prophetess Esther Murebwayire Marie grieving people for rejecting her Prophecy, then I caught a sight of her on the mountain where we were headed for, where a waiting vehicle had already been preserved to carry the Prophets, I saw myself bypassing her along with her colleague, and that mountain wasn’t safe and easily serviceable!
To drive in the bumpy [rocky] roads toward the “Jeep” waiting for the Prophets, was almost impracticable. Thereafter, I saw myself jotting down the last words of Prophecy concerning the ‘End of Days’; then after finishing the writing, I saw myself reaching out the aforesaid Jeep, full of joy; then I saw myself gazing at the other opposite mountain, where Satan was standing, looking at each other, face to face, I waved to him while bidding him farewell: “Bye! We shall see each other no more!”
The Prophecy points out the overturn of President Museveni [Mu7i] ruler ship, at the same time his godchild Mr. President Paul Kagame will be overthrown; whom Mu7i enthroned to rule Rwanda. God revealed Mu7i returning to the jungle!Precursor (Herald) signs:
In Uganda, in a region where banana plantations are grown and emanate, a strong (whirl-) wind shall be caused to strike (wreak havoc on the crops in) the whole region to spread an unheard-of famine in whole country.
Roots of the mayhem:
Back in time, there was a sorcerer called “IDDY Aba Anana”, he is the one who aided President Mu7i to rise in power. He died right before President Mu7i could fulfill what he had pledged on the concordat they had agreed upon. Consequently, this failure, on part of Mu7i, led the sorcerer to pass away with a cavernous anguish; reason why he is to return to avenge himself on Mu7i for failing to fulfill his pledge. That spiritual demon shall wreak havoc on all Ugandan foundations, turning everything to ashes and dust so as to soothe itself!!!!
He shall therefore return to the jungle along with 16 soldiers, including a young lady. He shall flee to a sandy, windblown, deserted area where no shrub of trees has ever grown for hiding (or sheltering), nor a blossomed tree, since a strong wind shall have knocked down all standing objects around.
President Museveni shall set out to substitute his attendant-leaders unexpectedly; having “the elderly ones” switched for “the young ones” whom are university-leavers.
President Mu7i shall be struck with the same malady [Prostate cancer (pro-static adenocarcinoma)] that attacked the late President MOBUTU SESEKO WAZABANGA of Ex-Zaire. His pro-static glands shall burst out! There shall be a dreadful turmoil (or war) in Uganda; furthermore, among those two countries, viz. Rwanda and Uganda, none shall come to rescue the other, and all Ugandan citizens shall abhor President Mu7i, but rather disso Uganda. During that time, the insurgency will be wreaking havoc on all countries of the Great-Lake-Regions.
Fulfilled Prophecy:
Sept, 2012, God has vowed to chastise two nations: United States of America and Tanzania. God declared to send a rainfall [hailstorm] mixed up with fire to USA, and that shall be the introductory chastisement for all oncoming, subsequent punishments, and this because of their (USA) boundless and unbearable iniquities.
Additionally, God shall let fire fall on the spots where all such transgressions and abominations are committed and He shall not relinquish the punishment so long as the inhabitants remain impenitent.
As it has been recently manifested, God gave Americans a lesson, when He let a concoction of rainfall and fire fall on USA. And that is not enough yet, God is about to even further put them to shame if they persist to endure in their unrepentant.
The Prophecy conveys a finger pointing message to the President of Tanzania:

God declared that He is going to punish the nation of Tanzania with waters amalgamated with fire. And that such events are intended to abolish the ever waxing demonic powers in both nations, so as for God to defend His righteous, devout people who have been severely tormented by satanic influences prevailing extravagantly in those two nations.
Yet, they still have a little more room for calling upon God to forgive them, whilst it is still feasible; since the LORD of Lords is willingly inclined to spare their lives and take care of them all.

I set out to proclaim this Prophecy to the nation of Tanzania in October 2009, in the cities of ‘Mwanza’ and ‘Kahama’ visiting their churches, announcing what God had instructed me to disclose. Then after, I returned to Rwanda in November the same year.

God revealed a huge forest-tract, within which two kinds of peoples (the poor and the wealthy) got lost. I saw myself in vision, along with other men heading for the aforesaid forest to search for and bring in the lost peoples!
Upon reaching the inner forest, we found one kind of Rwandan tribes known as ‘Banyamurenge’, we passed by them and continued our search for the lost ones; we happened to find ‘the poor’, and left with finding the ‘the rich’.
While we were resting, preparing to set off for searching for ‘the rich’, we began to play football; and in that championship, I came out victorious and suddenly I realized that ‘Banyamurenge’, turned greatly covetous of me.
Meanwhile, having found ‘the poor’ among whom were a man and a woman carrying a child on her back; while addressing them how painstakingly it was to fetch them; behold I saw ‘the poor’ turning into the second lost kind of people, i.e. ‘the rich’.
While I was still flabbergasted on how they had metamorphosed into ‘the rich’ squad yet having been previously ‘the poor’; they suddenly switched into a human beast: in the upper region, the head looked like that of a human whereas the lower parts were of a Buffalo.
Endearingly, I abruptly ran off and climbed a tree for a safe haven; and upon reaching the tree pinnacle-branches, behold I caught a sight of the human beast splitting into the TWO former kinds of peoples, ‘the poor’ and ‘the rich’ parted company. Upon realizing that I had discovered them, I then saw them hastening forth to frame me in the crossing.

God revealed Paul Kagame being reduced to a byword among the deprived [left shabbily dressed with shredded outfits up to the teeth: ’].
Additionally, those who instituted him in power are the same who shall relegate him from presidency. It is that super power, monarchical nation which has set forth for planning to overthrow President Kagame, after he has been manipulated and or imposed to fulfill the aspirations [agenda] of that Kingdom! Later on, he who took me by vision, addressed me: “see to it, that they are looking for someone who shall rule that nation, yet they have not found him until now.”

I took heed from a white-skinned man warning not to let the country in the HUTU’s hands! “Seek out a TUTSI, that one, we ought to enthrone” he said. They then addressed a TUTSI man, asking him if he can conspire against President Kagame, so as to allow him take over the presidency; behold I saw the TUTSI-man becoming dead-frozen with panic, and after a while he changed his minds giving in to the assent!
However, after having a second thought, the assembly of White people also retracted their earlier proposal to the TUTSI-man; then I saw Kagame panicking like a man bound to die; and immediately the White people elected a military man who convened to finish up President Kagame, and that was his end!

Fulfilled Prophecy:
In the year of 2010, Majeshi the Prophet, affirms having addressed Mr. Eddy Jimmy and Mr. Robert (who was in charge of the secretariat office, right down road the former Rwandan Post Office) on what the Prophecy had revealed about them; that they were prone to be incarcerated.
“The two young men opposed me” Majeshi added, and by the term of two months, Mr. Robert was put behind bars in the “1930-Penitentiary”, with a 5-year-old sentence. As for Mr. Jimmy who also used to pray with Majeshi the Prophet, he too was condemned to a 5-year-old imprisonment, on March 11, 2010 in the “1930-Pen”; while all such events were broadcaster live on the national TV, even the whole story covered on the front-page of the New times newspaper.

I saw Rwandans unbearably grieved, deprived of whom they could run to for soothing their suffering. They then started to have second thoughts, and set out to seek out GOD’s face; and while they were praying, I was seeing Rwandans belonging to the Tutsi-tribe, who were formally Ugandan expats, worrying about finding employments for their offspring, who happened to be University-leavers.
God showed me in a vision, Rwandans being accursed with the same means or places, which they used to be blessed with,Such are nothing but Churches or Temples or Synagogues. And this as result of nearly all Leading-Pastors who ended up pledging their allegiance with RPF, and who, in the aftermath, become possessed by demons, called-Demons, i.e. Brain washing & Tormenting-Demons![The word ‘’means to burden or torment or persecute].
”As a consequence, the Pastors fell short of the glory to ‘fellowship’ with THE MOST HIGH, since the RPF had bewitched and consecrated them to Satan, the Devil who ultimately inherited dominion over the nation of Rwanda. The country is subdued by darker-power ruler ship.
God revealed the Israelite gathering in the Armageddon valley, then I saw the assembly being composed of three (3) main divisions or Tribes. That meeting had in its major agenda to brainstorm on how their forefathers lived with God, and how God rescued them from the hands of the nations that were bound to swallow [devour] them.
Behold, I saw their hearts growing faint for their transgression for not having followed the foot-steps of their ancestors, and they ultimately repented of their sins. They convened to obey the GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob also called Israel.

After concluding the meeting, which was targeting at surrendering to their God, God they had rejected, and God that had been of other nations; behold I saw GOD full of great compassion towards His people, I saw Him returning to His chosen Ones; then I perceived the salvation being restored to Israel from foreign nations, where it had been for over ages and ages, outside Israel.
I was shown the People of THE MOST HIGH being enlivened!Then I saw the Shepherds of the Churches consecrating their time to the attendance of Political meetings, instead of keeping themselves in presence before God, asking Him what He envisions for His people.
I saw mounds of Pastors buried busy in never-ending seminars, leaving their duties in the hands of their secretaries; I saw God-fearing men deprived of whom to approach and or address for their concerns, since all the Shepherds are busy with unholy projects.


The Kagame undercover agents, disguised as God-fearing men, were behind the plot against the Prophet Majeshi Leon. Following is a listing of the involved conspirators:

Lt. Munyandinda James alias Mugisha James alias Munyeragwe Jackson.

Cpl. Munyandinda John Nkubito Eugene the Head of ‘RPRK inyabutatu’ League.
Lt. Rugigana Kalisa who was enrolled at KIU ‘Kansanga’ College.

Kwitonda Thadée from the Belgium asylum, and who is currently held in a Belgium.

Cpt. Sibo Charles sent off to spy within the Ugandan borders, also presently incarcerated.
SGT. Rucogoza Cope Captain.Devout-Christians’operating as undercover agents:

Pastor Mbabazi Jules a theologian (Bible stand) scholar at ‘Buroba’ College

Pastor Maso John operating in Gisenyi, who also conspiratorially betrayed  Nsabagasani

Munyaneza Emmanuel,hired with the aid of Mr. Eric, the former Chauffeur of President Paul Kagame, who is now an activist in the Rick Warren Project (Peace of Rwanda).

Fruit Nyagasaza Innocent assigned to spy on the Ugandan government.
Ruhorimbere Jacques, former Officer at Kimisagara-District, who once stood as the Mayer of the Province Butare, just right after the 1994 mayhem.

Kwitonda Thadée envisioned to service Kagame; for the latter to absolve the former from his crime of Genocide!
Fulfilled Prophecy

God avowed to avenge His Prophet Majeshi Leon, after being provoked by a man called Kwitonda, who had plotted to kill the Prophet.

That is Mr. Kwitonda Thadée who invested countless cash in a plot to behead Majeshi Leon the Prophet. Yet God paved the way through for Majeshi, where his foes had set up a death-ensnare. God promised His Prophet Majeshi Leon to take revenge on all his conspiring foes. Without a delay.
July 05, 2012 Kwitonda was condemned for having been actively involved in the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi sin Rwanda; and he envisioned to escape to Belgium after learning that mandates to arrest him had been issued.
As a fool rushing in where angels fear to tread, Mr. Kwitonda fled to Kampala the Capital city of Uganda.

Undercover agents, under Rwandan government mission, who disgustedly feign to identify with King V KIGELI Ndahindurwa

Leaders of the RPRK-inyabutatu League, deceitfully claim to advocate the repatriation of the Rwandan King. That League is run by the intelligence (secret-) agents under the Rwandan government auspices, who also plotted the operations to seize the Prophet Majeshi Leon so as to extradite him to his native country (Rwanda) so he could be tried there and/or killed on the spot; yet their planed is gracefully failed.
LT. Rugigana Kalisa, a former KIU-student, was in charge of unleashing demoralizing info to the Prophet Leon, addressing him that he was prone to be hunted down, so he (Mejeshi) could flee from Uganda, a good opportunity for his foes to slay him safely outside the Ugandan borders. Leon responded to him that God he serves is able to protect him at any place, any time.
However, in a few days that followed Mr. Rugigana was seized and arrested by the Ugandan Officers for having come to spy on their government, for a second time. Notice that during the first time, he had been detained and deported to Rwanda.
And from there, he was sent off to RD-Congo to spy on ‘Banyamurenge’-officers who led a militia-group against Kabila’s government. Endearingly, General Makanika and General Bisogo came to learn that he had infiltrated their den, and framed and gravely wounded him. From that moment, he was transferred to Uganda for a medical treatment, where he changed his names into “Rugigana Antoine.”
Pte: Fruit Nyagasaza Innocent began to work as a secret agent after the ‘Banyamurenge’- people faced an unprecedented slaughtering in a region called Gatumba’ in Burundi where he was put out to spy on ‘Banyamurenge’ people; thereby disguising himself as a ‘Munyamurenge’-man, targeting at infiltrating the ‘Banyamurenge’ ready to be intermittent into an Australian or American asylum.
Then, he was exposed not to be of the ‘Banyamurenge’ clan, after having being tried out to give an account of his ancestral lineage up to the 6th nearest generation.
From there, he was sent off to Uganda to be censured (registered) as a Congo man refugee, and began to spy on Rwandans residing (operating) in Uganda, disguised as a Congoman native.
Moreover, his past abode -whilst he was still a former Rwandan expat in Burundi- was lying in the vicinity with the house of Jeannette Kagame’s parents, a place called ‘Ngagara’ street-4. In addition, his elder brother known as Sachoz is an acolyte of Murefu (Kagame Jeannette’s brother) in running diverse businesses.
Currently, in order to deceive his counterpart-refugees, he is masquerading asa church devout, and also as a volunteer to assist peoples obtain visa, especially people who flee from the threat of RPF and Kagame’s regime.
Needless to mention, under these circumstances, that if he aids you get a visa, he ultimately learns where you emigrate, and in that way, he reports about and gets you slain before you reach your destination, via the intervention with his undercover colleagues. That is the reason why it is vital and recommendable to be under God’s guidance.
He restlessly set out to hunt me down again, and after learning that I hadn’t been perished and that i was going to be released from jail. Yet, he had done his assigned homework skillfully, except the fronted an in surmountable obstacle.
On the part of the Holy Spirit who dwells in God’s devout; otherwise the Kagame’s followers are empowered with unheard-of, malign shrewdness from high-ranking demons, reason why they easily bring death to any of their victim who is deprived of God’s protection.
RUCOGOZA Copain [Cope] Captain: This man happened to relocate to Uganda in 2000, where he was hired by a tourism company; and he was the only person who had the telephone number of the Prophet Leon, and he ended up betraying him by passing his number on to Fruit NYAGASAZA Innocent, who, in turn, propagated this good news to the C.M.I. military officers who came about to abduct the Prophet Leon, by means of telephone-tracking protocols on the way down to the Kobil-gas station, where they found him, a place also known as ‘Kasubi’ at about 08:00 am.
Cpt. Sibo had as his faithful ally Pastor Maso John;and he [Cpt. Sibo] was frequently sent off to spy on the Prophet Leon, intriguingly inviting the Prophet to come to church under the presence that Pastor pleased to converse with Majeshi.
He carried out such operations in multiple incidences, yet Leon came about to fathom their intrigues at last. The same Cpt. ended up being arrested for his spying activities.
Pastor Mbabazi Jules, who was following his theological [Biblical] studies at BUROBA, was in charge of spying on the Prophet Leon, pretending to report to Majeshi visions, which God might have revealed to him concerning the nation of Rwanda.
The Prophet Leon did not hold back his revelations from him; and all at once, Leon addressed him that God had unveiled him to be among his foes and connivers. It is a sad fact to see Leon’s wife worriedly striving to secure tenderer care hosting to this pretentious friend of Leon, while he was busy plotting to take Leon’s life.
And after realizing that he had been exposed,Pastor. Jules never returned to Leon’s house. His spying wages used to be paid up through Mr. Cope [or Mr. Copain (French) word for ‘fellow-man’]alias Mr. ‘Captain’ employed by a traveling tourism agency, being disguised in charge of paying wages in Ugandan shillings to secret-agents under the undercover mission, and also being commissioned to give them instructions on how they should infiltrate skillfully since he had a long-standing experience.
Ruhorimbere Jacques was sent for in the country of Uganda, disguised as a ‘Munyamurenge’ expat, yet being assigned by the Rwandan Government (RPF) to “detect” -Rwandan adversaries-.He also got himself censuses as a Congoman expat as customarily.
He was the first discoverer of knowing where the Prophet Majeshi Leon resided. And he strove to get the Prophet seized at an agency of the Rwandan Bus-traveling company, called “ONATRACOM” operating overseas (Uganda); yet he failed.

Munyaneza Emmanuel: This man was once a Leon’s intimate friend, considering the fact that even Leon was the main supporter and or organizer in his wedding preparations; reciprocally Munyaneza did exactly the same for Leon’s wedding preparations, as well. It is quite obvious that they know each other well.
Lamentably, Munyaneza came to be hired by Mr. Eric, a former Presidential driver in the services pertaining to the project of ‘Peace of Rwanda’ masterminded by Pastor RICK WARREN; and he [Munyaneza] finally found himself imbibed in a system designed to spy on and hunt down his brothers in Jesus Christ.
Ndyabahika James: Here is the man, Leon the Prophet used to counsel, guide and assist in many ways; yet he was the main vessel through which the Ugandan and Rwandan intelligence agencies used to abduct and arrest the Prophet. Upon Leon’s release from jail, this failing friend continued to bequeath ride to Leon’s wife, whenever she could go fetch for papers intended to assist them leave that country of Uganda.
Sadly enough all opportunistic doors had already been closed before their nose.Mr. James continued to be the clandestine portal of the news leak about Majeshi’s whereabouts, till God himself warned Leon to leave the same Hotel, he was hiding in, and that he had to take a French leave[or without bidding his farewells] to James alias“Mr. John”.
See to it that he was even the trusted keeper of all Majeshi’s equipment belongings. “This leaves me wonder: ‘Who could be guaranteed to enter to the Heavenly Kingdom among such self-confessed Church-devout?’ ” Majeshi lamented.
The number of men who seized the Prophet Leon: The Prophet Leon was abducted by four military men, armed to the teeth, under the C.M.I. squad; and they are listed as follows: Mr. Gappade, Mr. Tushabe, Mr. Hamuza and Cpt. Africana.
Having brought him in the C.M.I. Headquarter Office, they cooked up charges against him, they mounted an urgent case; and they ended up transferring him to “Mbuya Garson ‘Balacks” where he was put, for up to 143 days, behind bars, yet divinely secured.

The Rwandan government did everything they could to get the Prophet transferred back to Rwanda, yet God opposed (Acts 25:3). And this became impossible since Mrs. Majeshi hurried to appeal to the Non-Governmental-Organization (N.G.O) agencies such as the “RED CROSS International” and “Amnesty International”.
Having realized that ‘Plan-A’ had become infeasible, they switched to ‘Plan-B’, which entails poisoning strategies. Then God revealed to Leon that he must abstain from eating anything brought to him for food, despite having spent 90 days on a beans-dieting.
Having ‘Plan-B’ abortively failed, Major AGABA ARUTHA came to address Leon that they happened to learn that the Rwandan government is striving to take his life, and they proposed him both a release and a bodyguard retransfer with the aid of military mighty men operating in five countries: KENYA, SOUTH SUDAN, DR CONGO, TANZANIA AND BURUNDI, so as to spare his endangered life.
NB: They implored him not to disclose that plan to his wife nor to the RED CROSS ICRC, and they assured him that he may contact his wife upon reaching his optional destination.
Leon the Prophet,was trickily handed over to the Rwandan intelligence officers:[GENESIS 31:14, 29-42; “…42) EXCEPT THE GOD OF MY FATHER, THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, AND THE FEAR OF ISAAC, HAD BEEN WITH ME, SURELY THOU HADST SENT ME AWAY NOW EMPTY (‘or thou hadst taken my life’ majeshi added).
Dec 11, 2011, Major AGABA Arutha took the Prophet Majeshi Leon, to a place called “Bugorobi safe house”. There he encountered a squad of Rwandan undercover agents who took a photo of him, while attempting to record his discourse, Major AGABA opposed; and they then imposed on him a written statement so as to debrief to their boss, President Paul Kagame, when he was up to attending a conference in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.
They were confident to abduct him back home, yet because of the alertness to the international bodies, nothing went according to their plans.

Here is a series of question-answer materials, during an interview (interrogation) session by the Kagame’s undercover while addressing Majeshi the Prophet:
Undr:We reckon that you are a true God-Prophet, would you be willing to address us about what you’ve been shown in visions by God, concerning the nation of Rwanda?
Undr:Is it true that God declared to have General Nyamwasa overthrowMr. President Kagame?
Undr: Is it true that General Nyamwasa will become a President?
Undr: How shall the mayhem (or war) start off? Who shall be behind its launching?
Undr: Who shall bring down President Kagame? And when shall this happen?
Undr: How is the King V Kigeli Ndahindurwa going to reignalong with General Nyamwasa?
Undr: Would you be willing to come back home for a proposed job-assignment?
Undr: Did you flee because of the Prophecy? Or because you pleased to join Kayumba?
Undr:is the number, you gave, of people whom are doomed to die accurate?
Undr:is it true that there shall not be a Republican system anymore, in Rwanda?
Here is a name-listing of some who were interrogating him:
Named Charles and RUBAYITA; as for the others, the Prophet can’t recall their names. The Prophet, in a response, addressed them that they should go and read the whole prophetic materials; for the latter covers all answers to their objects of inquiries.
Oct 27, 2011 God revealed that he shall be put behind bars.

Fulfilled Prophecy:
We pleased to keep ‘his’successor’s name Uwanyirigira Nyirinyinya Biregeya(Re-place by Bushayija Emmanuel YUHI VI).
Dec 03, 2011 I was taken by the Spirit, then I caught a vision of an assembly for all national and political parties; behold, I saw them imploring the Rwandan King to allow the traditional (pagan) powers to lead the country, and all the time grumbling about opposing rejecting God.
The MOST HIGH, CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, as their LEADER. Therefore, for the sake of self-glory and pride, the Rwandan King of the day, consented to their proposal. And all of a sudden, they set off worshiping idols in replacement of God of the Heaven and Earth.

Dec 04, 2011 when God showed me in vision the Rwandan Kingdom being restored, thereafter I saw a government-transition period being established; at the end of which mounds of political parties came to register so as to embark on political campaigns.
I saw none of those political parties hitting above the vote threshold, then I saw the kingly political party benefiting from a cheating of a few votes it was short of; and afterwards I saw that party being proclaimed victorious! I even saw some political parties deprived of any other adherent member except the one who founded it.
Dec 05 2011, when taken in vision, I saw the Rwandan King who shall succeed to the decedent’s (previous King’s) throne. Behold, I saw a handsome, lofty and charming gentleman, beautifully baby-eyed, who was even educationally high-gifted and learned.
Behold, I saw women attractively and or lasciviously craving to surround and stare at him indolently, competing to offer him gifts, in the intentions of looking at him.
Then afterwards, I saw gossips and rumor-mongering becoming rampant among people, incessantly whispering in his ears, even thriving to befriend with him; behold I saw those of the Tutsi-tribe turning away from God, little knowing that it was a favorable opportunity to serve God.
I saw in vision false prophets using demonic powers that Kagame had, a kind of dark powers known as “Astrology and Medium”. I saw them approaching and surrounding him; while paying him a great veneration, they requested the king of being led by the ancestral idols, in that way they led him astray, and he ended up rejecting the Counsel given by God Prophets.
They even counseled him to boycott and banish us [God Prophets] from the Royal Court. Behold, I saw THE ALMIGHTY, God of Rwanda, who used to dwell in the Royal Courtyard of Rwanda departing from the courtyard, I even saw the Great Prophet exiting; then God ordained him to bring out along with him those Rwandans who were never called by God’s name to become God’s own People thereof.
Behold, I saw them grabbing musical instruments including Harps, trumpets, Shortfall and drums and packing them in a coach bus heading abroad, in other nations to spread the Good News (Gospel).
In the aftermath, I saw the Rwandan kingdom being left to be ruled by demonic powers! Right after the departure of the Great Prophet, the famine that had been vanished from the country of Rwanda, just a while ago, resurfaced; and I saw people becoming troubled, escaping from the kingdom they had entrusted in, fleeing from the famine coupled with other great disasters triggered by opposing to be led by God, but rather choosing Satan as their leader, all the time worshiping idols that cannot hear nor speak.
Dec 20, 2011, God showed me in a vision the RPRK political party organizing rituals intended to poison (or demonize or cast spells on) the Prophet Majeshi Leon so as to become a demon-possessed maniac.I was led in Spirit to contemplate the whole country of Rwanda; behold I saw the judicial and/or legislative systems being exclusively run by the young ones.
And while exerting injustices, I saw people fleeing to Churches for seeking justice, and there also they were welcomed by a prevailing state of lawlessness.
As result, people gave up their hopes on churches, for good and all, and headed to the wilderness to look for God, and they searched for THE LORD in the high mountains and deserts.
Unfortunately, God was nowhere to be found, even in the wilderness His presence was hidden; whereas the others were busy edifying, luxurious mansions and sky scrapers and raising huge towers.
The Blood appealing to God to be avenged!

Dec 21, 2011, the Spirit of God came to me, and took me in the valley of visions; and there I saw a grudging spirit of General Major Fred Gisa Rwigema; behold I saw that spirit arising and infesting the souls of the Ugandan soldiers; then I saw the latter grabbing their arch bows and heading to the front line to avenge the blood of Fred Gisa Rwigema.

Moreover, the aforesaid army was led by a man from humble tribal roots. [b] I saw foreshadowing signs of the oncoming Ugandan war: 1) there shall be an irritation of some Caucasians (white men) who will come and commit crimes in Uganda.
2) There shall be a murder of a Caucasian journalist in that country, and as a matter of fact the rest of all Caucasian residents shall be seized with terror and shall immediately pack up their belongings and leave the country. And that shall be the sign of an approaching onset but the war shall not immediately ensue.
Dec 23, 2011, God showed me in visions the ‘Seven-Day Adventists’ receiving favor from God. God caused them to hunger for seeking out His face, yet many lacked shepherd-preachers to evangelize them, and decided to go on a pilgrimage to be summoned.
As an invited guests- by preachers from other church denominations; and this from time to time, alternatively returning to their own church. Then I saw The Spirit of God coming to them, and they began to see visions and prophesy; in that way the revival was bestowed on their church, and I saw prophets rising among them.
[b] God showed me women turning upset owing to the delaying of the fulfillment of a prophecy they had relied upon; as a result, they gave up hopes, and ended up turning recklessly indolent.
Dec 24, 2011, I was taken in Spirit, I was revealed ideological resolution and principled agenda that President Paul Kagame put in place to murder three people within a term of five months. The first goes by the name of Kayumba Nyamwasa; the second being Patrick Karegeya; and the last being Majeshi Leon the Prophet. Then, I saw God halting all Kagame’s wicked schemes against all God’s appointees.
Jan 22, 2012, God took me again in Spirit, and addressed me that in the oncoming days, there shall be calves dancing about and celebrating the death of Kagame. Behold, I saw animals of the wilderness assembling for a great feast; for their avowed enemy, i.e. President Paul Kagame who had deprived them peace, had perished. Then, I saw God pouring His Spirit on them to bring to their knowledge that the lunatic Heathen had been uprooted.
I saw calves dancing about in their corrals, extremely overjoyed, for good and all. Then THE LORD OF HOSTS spoke unto me, saying: “On the day of Kagame’s death, I shall allow even the animals to know it, so as to be rejoice about.”
Feb 08, 2012 the hand of the Lord took me in visions, and I saw snakes being sent to attack me in the custody, so as to turn me into maniac frenzy, or to bite me to death. Behold, I saw fire descending from Heaven to burn them all up.
Feb 09, 2012 God decided to put an end to my state of impoverishment, once for all.
Victims of this decision came to be those who had taken over my blessings; and they began to face hardship challenges, beyond help; for they had entrusted in idols.

Feb 10, 2012, God revealed unto me how I would be released, at the same time, being framed, on the exit, to be murdered. That is exactly, how it happened; upon my exiting, they began to hunt me down, yet God secured me under His wings.

Feb 11, 2012 The MOST HIGH took me in visions, and I saw President Kagame struggling to turn me insane, to make me a lunatic psychopath in order to wipe out my Prophecy; and I saw demons, which were hurrying to the pen where I was kept, being shattered right before my doorstep. I saw demons negating the enduring safety to President Kagame, and they assured that it was the end of his ruler ship, and that nothing, for him, would go according to his plan, no more.

Behold, I saw him convening very young ladies to his office to assign them tasks of performing voodoo-rituals, and conjure up demons so as to inquire about the possibility of length neighs dominion and or dying triumph at an advanced old-age.
I saw demons giving a negative response to the young ladies, who, in turn, became very upset.I saw Kagame going, during nightfall, to inquire about the outcome.
Upon his arrival, they fail to open their mouths, except nodding their heads sideways (disapproval), and I saw them stooping down their heads, the same manner as if they were going to perform their rituals, in a bent-over position, with their butts up side.
I saw Paul exiting the ‘Astrology-temple’, a place of their rituals, while gazing at its gate, and looking around in the street to check if someone would catch sight of him; for he was walking. I saw him heading back home, very upset and hopeless. He left those ladies performing their rituals with insufficient candle-lighting in the dark.
I was shown visions when the Rwandan King addressed me that it is fortunate to have a son of a stranger as a seer better than your own son, in one’s house. And that the former [the seer] is highly more treasured than learned (or wise) and covetous men, who know nothing about how he [the King] rose in power.
Feb 14, 2012 God revealed unto me two cells, within which Kagame performs his demonic rituals, alongside with idols he incessantly worships; and how he releases evil-spirits to attack and infest faithful God-servants (Christians) as to cause them to turn against one another; and as result their praying goals get shattered down.
On that same day, the necromancers gave a negative response, once again, to Kagame concerning his ambition for a lifelong ruler ship, and rather adding that he will not step down from power peacefully.
He proceeded inquiring of them about what he could do to reach out his goals, yet they refuted. In addition, they addressed him that there are some Prophets who unleashed prophecies, which all Rwandans agree on; and it would be required of him [Kagame] to sacrifice or assassinate those prophets first, with the end aim of obliterating the aforesaid Prophecies in their hearts (minds). and that from there he would go on expecting a triumphant resolution.
Feb 15, 2012, I was taken in the valley of visions, then God’s Spirit addressed me: “I shall restore the Rwandan Kingship in power; and in the ensuing events of such a restoration, the King of Rwanda shall institute a sacred Holy Day of thankfulness to Me, for I will have restored your own Kingdom. I shall even appoint among my people, men who shall built my Temple, within which People shall come and thankfully worship me.
That shall even be the place where the Rwandan King shall come to offer Me his thanksgiving gifts before his allotted days of kingship, just before joining his forefathers.” God declared.
During that consecrated, celebratory Assembly, which shall be called forth by God-servants, under the supervisory capacity of the Rwandan King; a new COVENANT shall be established by and between statesmen [Officials] and Prophets, stipulating that none shall CONSPIRE OR BETRAY against the Rwandan Kingdom, that in addition they should NEVER SIN AGAINST THE MOST HIGH, THE CHIEF OF HEAVENLY ARMY, or FORSAKE HIM and turn to ungodly idols.
Feb 16, 2012, God showed me how the undercover agents of the Rwandan government, operating in the country of Uganda, have set out to frame, incarcerate and then murder me. Moreover, God revealed unto me how He is going to stand in as my guardian against this evil-scheme.
b] “See, I have annihilated the slaying-scheme set up against you, and I have even demolished your enemies’ roots. I have opened your gates that had been closed down. Furthermore, I hereby bestow on you My blessings” says THE MOST HIGH.
“See, all the nations of the Earth are hurrying to pay visit to you, since I shall live with you. In addition, peoples shall hunger or strive to see and come to you, for My splendor shall cover you and your wife, and you shall certainly serve me” declared The MOST HIGH.
Feb 17, 2012, God reaffirmed what He had promised in my favor, when I was taken in Spirit, being shown evil-schemes forged to poison me via meals; considering the fact that, even the Ugandan intelligence agencies had been bribed by the Rwandan government, in this endeavor.
Feb 18, 2012 The MOST HIGH continued to display His trust in me, while revealing unto me how the Angel of war holds a sword, in his hands, waiting for a go-ahead to launch an exterminating war against the nation of Rwanda whose flourishing sinners run unlawful judgments.
Feb 25, 2012 I was taken in Spirit, to the valley of visions, and God showed me a people who once were legitimate citizens, but whose citizenship came to be done away with, so as to be undeservedly granted to the ‘non-citizens.’
Behold, I saw that people praising God, proclaiming that God of Israel has heard and favorably responded to their supplications, that He has bestowed His grace upon them by restoring their heritage of citizenship.
Then, The MOST HIGH addressed me: “see, this flock (people) were once land-inheritors (original citizens), yet because of their stubbornness and in docilely, their citizenship had to be terminated; so that the citizen ship become bequeathed singly on to those who had not been land-inheritors; therefore, a time has come, since the King of this flock repatriates, they become again a flock (land-inheritors); for they had been, for a very long time, a Kingless people.”
God showed His grace unto His people by allowing them have their own King; in addition, their genuine nation hood has been restored! Additionally, that the flock which had been King less, for a very long time, won’t be able to repatriate their King, but rather a similar flock, of the King blood hood, shall repatriate the King.
Notice that the flock, which shall repatriate the Rwandan King, stands for the flock that have been nation less, which, in addition, has spent one third (1/3) of the years of the King’s stay in the refuge. Such are those who shall be involved in the King’s repatriation; and by the time you will see them re-conquering their nation, that will be a foreshadowing sign for the repatriation of the Rwandan King.
Feb 27, 2012 God showed me how the Rwandan government had given up hopes to spot and abduct me. Likewise, they chose young ladies and assign them with a mission to search for me; and the ladies immediately conjured up fornicating spirits on themselves.
Another evil-scheme they strove to set up against me, was that of turning me into a lunatic psychopath. Truthfully speaking, they executed their duties diligently, but if God weren’t on my side, I would have turned into an insane psychopath!
Mar 04, 2012 God dialogues with me, and said unto me: “I am God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob; see to it, that I have downed knowledge to the Rwandans and Burundians: to the Barundi, I confer to them, “wisdom” and “knowledge”; as for the Rwandans, I consecrate them with “wisdom”, and “knowledge”, and “inventiveness”, and “discernment& understanding”.” God announced.
Mar 06, 2012 I caught a vision, and was shown the apostle Paul Gitwaza heading to Denmark to run a fellowship assembly; he flew there with a self-reproach; because of the awareness by the people of his practices steered by demonic powers. In addition, I saw him congested with panic, thereby becoming more and more reluctant to evangelize, even to travel abroad as he used to love to.
Mar 09, 2012 God revealed unto me the foreshadowing signs to Paul Kagame’s regime demise:I saw the vehicles, in Rwanda, dwindling down of gasoline, and as result putting halt on all activities, and the Rwandan lifestyle becoming chaotic nationwide.
People shall set out to loan money from the Banks, under the hopes to pay back what they borrowed, but they will not be able to repay their loans!
Money shall also be made available down to the district-levels, imposing citizens to borrow from it; with the intentions of thwarting everyone from criticizing the leadership; but rather hooking them on the worries of repaying the money they will have borrowed.
Mar 12, 2012 I was taken to contemplate the valley of visions, and I perceived diverse things:
(l) I saw the nation of Rwanda dwindle away to rubles and ruins.
(ll) I saw President Kagame demolishing the Muslims mosques.
(lll) I saw, in the nation of Uganda, God turning the hearts of all Ugandan citizens to abhor and revolt against their leadership.
They set off to conspire against President Mu7i’s regime, thereof. That whom they feared, i.e. Col. Mohamar Gaddfi, is already dead. While the government was imbibed in the preparations of the oncoming electoral campaigns, peoples were busy preparing war.
(iv) God issued a decree, He ordered the oceans to blowout waters on the nation of Rwanda to extent that no-one may escape.
This statement signifies that the whole world shall establish restrictively punitive measures against Rwanda; so that the latter stay drenched in serious trouble beyond help. All such events occurred before my sight, while in front of me was an inextinguishable torch.
Mar 13, 2012 God showed me visions, when He had the nation of Uganda handed over to her enemies; I saw the Ugandan King convening President Mu7i, exhorting him to step down from power, for his people do no longer need him; thereafter, I saw Mu7i going hopelessly troubled and confused.
[ll] God declared that the year of 2012, would be a year of my blessings, and I turned flabbergasted to learn from such a reviving promise while I was still in the dungeon.
[lll] God showed unto me, my being inflicted with serious intestinal infections, yet He stated that He had healed me.
Then, I found myself in the valley of visions, and The Spirit of The MOST HIGH addressed me: “See, son of man, you were set up under a cussing, for a failure in your every life-undertaking, however I, The Lord, have abolished the day of your cursing and returned it to those who had invoked it onto you.”
Mar 14, 2012 God dialogues with me for 7 days long, and he stated unto me that I was going to be released from the Pen, never to be counted among the detainees anymore from among those who were incarcerated in that prison.
April 14, 2012 turned to be my happy day of being freed from prison.I foresaw a Temple being built in the nation of Rwanda, and in that Temple, I saw all people worshiping God therein.
I saw The MOST HIGH instating me to serve sacred meal-offerings; then I heard murmuring voices from people who envied me, and sadly enough, some invoked a cursing upon themselves when they coveted my post, while questioning as to why they weren’t chosen in that post instead.
Mar 17, 2012, in a vision, I foresaw myself coming from Europe, after studies, back to the country searching for a house to dwell in, and I came across one of my brethren who fell envious of me for I had come from Europe to study.
God made a covenant by engraved a mark ni my hand.
Mar 18, 2012, turned to be the onset of my monthly blessing, and that was the day when God, The Chief of Staff of The Heavenly Army, Commander Michel, I saw Him came engraved a mark in my hand by grabbing a paper-like object and laid it in my palm, and inscribed from it my palm, and I heard a voice proclaiming unto me, saying that The MOST HIGH has engraved a mark in my palm.
From 19 up to 20, 2012 God revealed unto me the house He shall built for me, in the Promised Land. In addition, a multitude of people longed that I serve God within Rwanda, but as for me I preferred to minister in abroad.
Mar 24, 2012, I envisioned the nation of Rwanda being reined by the Rwandan King, and I foresaw the government setting out to repair its State house, for it had been appallingly devastated by war.
And I fore saw successful bidders who had rivaled for the Open construction-tenders; sadly enough, they failed to implement what they had pledged to fulfill; and as result, their contract was aborted, and the tendering contract was re-assigned to the others.
Mar 15, 2012, God revealed unto me the ultimate fiend that President Paul Kagame sent for to bring me down. They bewitched me and I fought back against them; and took hold of that demon, and I knocked him down and he burst out on the ground and his belly erupted colorless water-like substance.
That substance was also deadly, meant to kill me upon contact; then behold, I foresaw an Angel bringing water and pouring it around me to cleanse the venomous, demonic liquid; that was how my LORD, God rescued me.And that was the final demon, he [Kagame], since then, mobilized, hoping to put an end to my life, yet God saved me.
Mar 25, 2012, God showed me in a vision, a meeting called forth by both the Ugandan and Rwandan governments, aiming at releasing me so that the Rwandan government may get an opportunity to behead me.
Then, within the same week, I foresaw Major Agaba Arutha along with Cpt. Africana coming to me, so as to address me that they had come to have me released [or bailed out], to finally take me to Kenya or Tanzania, or Sudan, or Burundi, or Congo; and that I were not to divulge it to both my wife and any international community; for they were planning to extradite me far from the Rwandan government which had set out to hunt me down; even reassuring to donate me money for the transport-fare. I conditionally consented to their proposal, and they left to never return (back) to me.
April 09, 2012, was a time when God rescued me from all sickening maladies in my body. While I was taken in a vision, I took heed of someone addressing me: “God has healed you from all the diseases that had been inflicting you.”
Boss CMI:Gen.Bakahumura Charles
April 12, 2012, that was a time when I was taken in Spirit, to be shown of our freeing from the dungeon, yet I foresaw the FDLR army being taken to a refugee-camp, two of them was allowed to go and join their households; whereas I was released, and began to search for traveling documents to go overseas.
April 13, 2012 was the day of my release, and God had shown unto me that I was going to be released; that however, I shall confront a major challenge against the Rwandan undercover plotting to hunt me down; and fortunately that they won’t succeed in their plans to spot me.
April 14 2012 after being released, God addressed me that He had wiped away all of the demonic detaining enclosures, and that I shouldn’t worry anymore.
April 15 2012 being hosted in the Royal Star Hotel, that was a time when God revealed unto me all of my enemies who had stood against me, yet they were searching for me in vain.
April 04, 2012, God showed me in a vision, the Ugandan government rising, again, to seize me, and if successful, to expatriate me back to Rwanda, yet God fought for me, and their plan did not go according to plan.
April 24, 2012, God exposed them unto me, trying to catch me via e-mail tracking, by ways of requesting and coaxing me into telling them the Prophecy so as to indict me in the court of law; for I had consented and signed up not to prophesy whilst still in the Ugandan territory.
April 25, 2012, God showed unto me, I being incarcerated, again, by them, intending to extort mammon from me, and I failed to find any, yet God rescued me thereof.
April 26, 2012, I foresaw myself being bitterly pursued by the Ugandan first-lady Jeannette Mu7i, being commissioned by Mrs Kagame Jeannette (the Rwandan first-lay) to arrest me.
April 27, 2012 God helped me envision His Church being restored, pouring out a revival; and behold, I foresaw the power of darkness that had taken it captive, being demolished. After having the Church revitalized, behold, all of a sudden, I foresaw the resurrection of the dead!
In a vision, I was shown, God’s judgment setting in, and many are those who didn’t stand before the judgment and ended up being condemned. Behold, I foresaw myself ,through God’s grace, coming out triumphantly justified.
I foresaw God Himself resorting to endorse responsibilities, I saw Him assigning unto a people duties so as to serve Him, even bestowing on them everything [power], yet I saw them going ungrateful, and began to minister only three days a week, whereas others served for five days a week, and then after, returning to the world to fetch worldly materials. And after seeing all that, I abhorred and condemned it, I found everything vanity, that a son of man cannot be satisfied.
April 28, 2012 I realized that time is up for the “Harvesting”; a time for the sorghum [or wheat, or crop] to be reaped. Then, I addressed an old man, who was cutting them down for harvest, and I instructed him to carefully cut them down, get them placed tidily. Such a Harvesting improvised peoples, since it occurred unexpectedly.
Then again, I foresaw them attempting to re-incarcerate me, and within a certain lapse of time they gave up; and while consulting each other, they spouse a second thought: “let him go overseas, and we will reach him out in there, and finish him up” they conspired.
Then, I was shown, in a vision, in the vicinity of that farming field, a very highly elevated tower; and I saw it being engineered by Indian technologists; I eye-witnessed it broadcasting announcements pertaining to the said “Harvesting”, and in addition, such announcements were inscribed in English.
I took heed of a voice proclaiming that ‘it is the end’, and that ‘knowledge has come to its ending’; and behold that was the moment when all sorts of ingenuity and technologies failed scientists, researchers and experts, nothing worked out anymore; then after, I saw the experts fetching for a man of God as to inquire of him about what had happened.
April 29, 2012, the undercover were already aware of my location, and I foresaw them conspiring together with the Hotel-owner to evict me out of his hotel, so as to grasp an opportune timing to slaughter me.
See to it that I had already been betrayed by one of the Christians I led, who also used to carry me on his motorbike wherever I preferred to go, with a due and fair transport-fare.
Suddenly, I move out of the hotel and relocated in another, leaving behind their evil-scheme unfulfilled. And the motorcyclist was left frozen in terror.
April 04, 2012, God gave me visions of the militia-group in Congo being dislodged out of RD Congo, in the city of Goma. I foresaw a meeting being convened and led by General Kayumba Nyamwasa to invade the nation of Rwanda, and all of a sudden they attacked and usurped [conquered] it.
May 01, 2012, God showed me visions of how extreme [supernatural] powers have been put in place for the sake of my death, yet in vain.
Having failed, they set out to cast demonic spells on me, but in vain, since that works on those who do not trust in God; whereas for those who fear God, nothing works.
May 02, 2012, God revealed unto me, an evil-scheme being forged again, to set me up on the Prophecy. They contacted me via e-mail, requesting me to unleash the Prophecy, under the presence of urgency; so as after receiving it, they grasp a criminal charge against me.
On the break of day, I went for the internet-surf, and I found they had sent me an e-mail requesting the unleashing of Prophecy; and in reply, I wrote to them, that I had the Prophecy, but that I couldn’t send it to them.
By The Great Prophet MAJESHI LEON
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