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China Protestors Call for End to CCP Rule

China Protestors Call for End to CCP Rule

The CCP, as the Chinese Communist Party is informally known, has now lost hearts across the country.

Urgent Call for a Podesta Watchdog:The $750 Billion Schumer-Manchin So-Called Inflation Reduction Act

Congress needs to appoint an independent non-partisan monitor with subpoena power to review the disbursements of nearly half a trillion dollars in federal funds that will be distributed by a former Clinton associate and Democratic operative on behalf of the Biden Administration.

THE Russian – Turkish Bond to Harm the West

Turkey’s skies remain open to Russian airlines and its doors remain open to hundreds of thousands of Russians and their money. Turkey’s exports to Russia are surging.

Pope Francis: noneho ashyigikiye gukuramo inda!!?

Mur’iki cyumweru turangije PoPe Francis yagiriye urugendo mu gihugu cya Baharain, Francis yavuze ko, kubera impamvu z’ubukungu (economy) bwifashe nabi, ko abagore bashobora gukuramo inda (abortion).

Abanyamadini n’abanyepolitike bapfaniki?

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