Daily Archives: January 22, 2024

On Confronting the Iranian Regime

Any evaluation of the Biden administration’s policy towards the Iranian regime (and towards the Palestinians) reveals a failure: the deadly Western miscalculation that “being nice” will be reciprocated. In the culture of the Middle East, that simply does not work. Instead, one is looked on as a gullible sucker or juicy “mark,” like a jolly drunk at a strip club.

10,000 a Day and Counting: Government’s Plan to Increase Voter Base?

It remains inexplicable. And then again, perhaps not. The crisis on our southern border needs to be considered in political context, and no one can avoid describing it as anything other than “a crisis.” Tens of thousands of people are daily seeking entry into our country, and the response from the White House is little more than a shrug.

Iran: Talk Big but Wave a Small Stick

Tehran needed TV clips to show that its pawns in the region are moving without, however, provoking a major Israeli or American retaliation.The fact that ISIS was able to launch a carnage operation in the middle of a solemn official memorial ceremony for Soleimani who “wiped ISIS off the face of the earth,” led to suspicions that, like the Wizard of Oz, the ayatollah may be a good man, but a bad liberator of Palestine and redeemer of mankind.

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