Yearly Archives: 2023

MAGA Dog for Trump?

If he wants to return to the White House, Donald Trump needs a dog.That is not an idle observation.White House history suggests that those presidents who enjoyed canine company in the Oval Office were better able to connect with their national constituency. No surprise when you consider that some 65 million American households report that they own a dog. Demographers also find that, as of 2021, the United States had the most dogs in the world per capita, 274 dogs for every 1000 people.

Igihung,ubwoba bwinshi abega bafite ko ubutegetsi bwabo bugiye kurimburwa nk’uko Ubuhanuzi bwabitegetse!!!


Uko iminsi ikomeza gusatira wa munsi wavuzwe mu buhanuzi yuko ingoma y’abega izahirimana banyirayo,kandi ko guhirima kwayo kuzaba kubi kurusha izayibanjirije.Niko za magigiri zikomeje Kwibasira Umwami Kigeli Ndoli uzasimbura abega ku ngoma.Burimunsi niko bakoresha ka kamashu kitwa PEGASUS bibwira ko ahari byabafasha kuba bakwiba amabanga ye muri za emails.

How the Biden Administration Is Trying to Bribe the Palestinians

Palestinian officials… have assured the US that they will not oppose Saudi-Israeli efforts at normalization, in the hope of receiving security, financial and political incentives from the Biden administration.

Biden Administration Bypassing Americans, Violating US Law, to Appease Regime of Iran

The Biden administration has been accused of secretly bypassing US laws to reach a deal with Iran’s Islamist regime.On August 10, the Biden administration apparently cut a “deal” excluding Congress and keeping the American people and U.S. regional allies in the dark  even though they are the ones who would be the most directly affected by a “deal.”

The 21st Century Will NOT Be Chinese

The news of the week is most likely the crash of China. Real estate, currency, stock markets, technology, demographics: it all fits together, and what lies ahead for China looks like stagnation at best. There are an estimated 80 million unoccupied homes in China  a huge number, even for a giant country. While real estate has driven China’s growth for decades, it is now in danger of wrecking it.

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