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Bankrupt Iran: Close Their Oil Cash Cow

History is filled with the terrible retribution inflicted on America’s foes when those enemies underestimate the United States.Consider Imperial Japan, which totally underestimated the United States. Hitler thought we could manufacture cars but never have the ability to produce tanks, an air force, a two ocean navy and the willpower to fight and win. The Soviets told the West: “We will bury you.” And Osama Bin Laden’s ashes will never be found.

Who Says Hamas Does Not Represent The Palestinians?

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has not condemned the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7. Abbas’s silence is a rambunctious approval of the cold-blooded massacre of hundreds upon hundreds of Israelis. Let there be no mistake about it: both Hamas and Abbas represent a majority of Palestinians whose goal is to murder Jews and destroy Israel. Pictured: Abbas (right) and Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal meet on November 24, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt, in one “reconciliation” attempt.

The Myth That Israel/Netanyahu Created/Funded Hamas

Since these false claims that Israel created Hamas or that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supported Hamas are circulating across social media, let’s address them.Hamas is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), an organization founded in Egypt in the 1920s, before the rebirth of the State of Israel, but which now has a presence in Israel and in much of the world. In its early days, it coordinated with the Nazis and received support from Nazi Germany.

Palestine: A Cause or a State?


Hamas terrorists who were killed on the way to murder Israelis, near the city of Sderot, Israel on October 8, 2023.Why did Hamas trigger its attack out of the blue? Hamas apologists repeat the usual shibboleths: occupation, colonial settlements, expulsions, Apartheid, the two-state solution.

China’s Proxy Wars Are ‘Encircling’ America


The Chinese Communist Party believes it must destroy the U.S. because of what America stands for. Today. the CCP is waging proxy wars against America. Allowing China, Russia, and friends to take over areas is a critical—and probably fatal—mistake. Pictured: Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks to the Politburo Standing Committee at the 20th CCP Congress on October 23, 2022 in Beijing, China.

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