Monthly Archives: September 2023

While China and Russia Test Nukes, Biden Wants to Ban U.S. Testing

China is almost certainly detonating nuclear devices and definitely fast building its nuclear arsenal. War, likely to be fought with nuclear weapons, looks increasingly likely. To deter, the U.S. needs to go beyond subcritical testing and detonate a nuclear device. Pictured: An aerial view of the subsidence crater formed by the Huron King underground nuclear test in Nevada on June 24, 1980.

“Learning from Russia, China is likely developing Low Yield and Very Low Yield nuclear weapons…. to which the U.S. is not prepared to respond.” Richard Fisher of the International Assessment and Strategy Center, to Gatestone Institute, September 2023.

Assassinating me is not option,you’ll waiting so long!!!



Uwicisha urume uwo azaheka,aba yihima!!!



China and Russia: The New Axis of Evil


Xi has been eyeing the South and East China Seas, coopting the Solomon Islands, building and militarizing his own artificial islands, and threatening not only Taiwan, but neighbours such as Australia, India and Japan.

President Joe Biden: Stop the Second Armenian Genocide

After besieging and starving 120,000 Armenians of the South Caucasus Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) since December 2022, Azerbaijan launched a large-scale military offensive against Artsakh on September 19, subjecting the capital Stepanakert and other cities and villages to intensive fire using heavy artillery and drones.

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