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Africa’s Sahel Region: Enter Russia’s Wagner Group to Make It Worse

Sahel states such as Mali do not possess the essential services to deliver to their impoverished and ethnically divided constituents. These economic and social shortcomings render national governments vulnerable to the challenge posed by sub-state jihadist groups affiliated with the Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

China Cement its Position in the Middle East


Saudi Arabia is now not only one of China’s most important suppliers of energy, but the kingdom is also an important link in China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) — a gigantic global development project to enhance China’s global influence from East Asia to Europe by making countries worldwide increasingly dependent on China. Under the BRI, China has signed cooperation agreements with 20 Arab countries.

More Foreign Policy Confusion

The recently released Biden National Security Strategy points to the “acute threat” posed by Russia to United States national security. Yet the administration continues, with the support and encouragement of the European Union, its futile attempt to restart the “nuclear deal” to enable Iran’s expansionist regime to have as many nuclear weapons as it likes and the ballistic missiles to deliver them — and on top of that, using Russia, of all countries, as its proxy negotiator.

Ubuhanuzi bw’ uyumunsi

Ibiro ntara makuru byo mu ijuru “Heaven News Media Agency” biratangaza amakuru akurikira.

Ubuzima butagira nyiramutegera akazaza ejo!!!

Niba ari umurengwe, niba ari ukwiheba, niba ari ubwenge bucye, niba ar’imaraga nyinshi byaranyobeye. Har’ubuzima butagira ibisobanuro mwabubonye hehe!?

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