The King Kigeli Ndoli speech of the new year 2023 to the Rwandans.

The King of Rwanda, Kigeli Ndoli, leads the kingdom of God, the God of hosts, in the courtyard of the Rwandan kingdom, which operates in exile.

First of all, I wish you a happy new year of 2023 full of prosperity, milk and honey. Our country has been in unresolved problems for more than (60) years. Since the Belgian whites destroyed the constitutional monarchy of Rwanda.

From then on, they established an illegal Republic. Rwandans are angry with these systems of the ruling country. What happened in 1959, 1968, 1973, 1994, shows that Rwanda does not expect to see peace as long as the (rep) illegitimate dictatorship will rule in the name of the Belgian colonialists.

Rwandans needs the kingdom of Rwanda, not the kingdom of the abega community clan and Belgians. Because their kingdom was established by the military and did not come from the will of the people, or from the will of the Lord God of hosts. We ask the RPF government to lower its spear.

Let Rwandans live and settle in their country without hindrance. Also, we request that FPR and Kagame Paul release the political prisoners so that they can participate in building their country. Also, we request the government of RPF and Paul Kagame to immediately stop the practice of witchcraft that they have spread among Rwandans.

Instead, we call on them to accept the challenge of political ideas without resorting to magic. We also ask that they agree to respect the human rights being and human autonomy.

We also request that the government of Kagame and his gang, who seized public property by military force, return it to its owners so that it can be better way of unity and reconciliation among of Rwandans can be found.

NB: We ask the international community to stop supporting the tyrannical regime of the RPF and Paul Kagame in jeopardizing the security of neighboring countries.

We ask the world to respect the resolutions of the 1884 Berlin conference in Germany. The summit of Berlin conference created boundaries to prevent encroachment on the sovereignty of another country.

We ask the international community to stop some countries using the name of our country to plunder the natural resources of DRCONGO.

Instead, let’s look about our country borders (boundaries) where was reaching and return them, because the answer is not war, it destroys and does not build.

We also request, our DRCONGO neighbors to return all the Rwandan parts of our country that they have spent more than (60) years because the Berlin summit proceedings approved by the conference took place in the country of Germany.

All this we ask those concerned before any drastic decisions are made. Let us remember, be it international, independent organizations, the government of Kigali, the United Nations. We can all get stuck in it.

The Lord God of hosts will not continue to look upon your iniquity.

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