The person who has the keys, determine who will be the King

Once again greetings to you all who are belongings and blessings to the God’s of heaven. Just want you remember that, according the God’s production (prophecy)

Some ones who has the keys, he’s just the one who will be able to get the God’s kingdom.

I agree with you that, you may be reign on the throne today, but, you do not hold the power of keys. Which means that any time, any how, you can be thrown down.

Think twice about it, before you desire to assassinating person who holds the keys. I know, it may disturb you in your mind. But nothing you can do.

Earlier better, just take a moment, and think your future life, maybe, you can help yourself. Utazavuga ngo, sinamenya irabanza, icyo wari gukora igaheruka.

Kuburirwa waraburiwe, ariko kwinangira umutima kwawe, nibyo bizakurimbura. Just make sure that you decide in the right time. Still you have a time even if decisions were made.

You have been used exceeded strength against God’s kingdom, and his King. But moreover suddenly, were in vain. So now, what next plan against me?

The hidden secrets places, contained treasures in the darkness. So, tell me how will you getting into without the keys. Yet you know padlock is front of you?

It’s prohibited to break itself. You must have keys, otherwise you just leave it. That is the only way, and ruler of laws. You must respect it, otherwise you want perish.

No power, no weapons, no strength, can hijack the God’s plan. But obedience can make it. But disobedience cannot. Good thank you for your time and understanding.

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