Daily Archives: December 18, 2017

What Is Really to Blame for Palestinian Violence? by Ruthie Blum

Rather than engage in institution-building, which the United States, Europe and even Israel funded with billions of dollars, PA President Mahmoud Abbas – Arafat’s successor – made no effort to reform Palestinian civil society, including the education system

Jerusalem: An Opportunity for Islamic Reformation? by Nonie Darwish

Despite the cries that Islam is a religion of peace, Islamic terror threat is everywhere; Muslims still teach hatred of Jews and Christians and they still preach jihad and killing the enemies of Allah. How can any sane person trust that Islam is moderate and is serious about wanting peace when the Muslim world is exploding with terror?

Is the UK Overthrowing the Christian Basis of the West? by Giulio Meotti

As the progressive publication Prospect asked, “if we are no longer a Christian country, what are we?”Christians in the UK are on course to be in the minority by the middle of the century.

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