United with Israel is a global,

United with Israel is a global, grassroots movement comprised of individuals who are deeply committed to the success and prosperity of Israel.

Our primary mission is to build a massive network of pro-Israel activists and foster global unity with the People, Country and Land of Israel. In short, we seek to fight and win the battle of public opinion for Israel. We maximize the incredible power of social media to spread the truth about Israel to the entire world.

From incessant rocket attacks to threats of annihilation and fears of nuclear attack, Israel is alone in a big world of unfriendly nations. And for the first time, Israel is under intense pressure to divide Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel. This is a defining moment for the nation of Israel.

Now more than ever, Israel needs the support of its friends throughout the world. To bond with Israel by sharing its pain and lending a helping hand. To stand with Israel throughout these critical times. To affirm that throughout history, Israel has been a great blessing to the world and only those who blessed Israel were themselves blessed (Genesis 12:3) . And those who sought to destroy Israel are no more.

United with Israel has developed state-of-the-art, efficient channels of communication to distribute critical information about Israel in real-time and to inform supporters about practical ways to pro-actively advocate for Israel. We promote purchasing Israeli products that support the Israeli economy. We raise money for worthy charities in Israel. We are dedicated to promoting both the urgency and privilege of standing United with Israel.

We are truly unique in the following ways:

1. We tap into the full potential and power of social and alternative media.
2. Although we are a Jewish organization, we are open and welcoming to all people, Jewish and non-Jewish, regardless of race, religion or region.
3. We are truly global, having supporters in over 100 countries, speaking over 20 languages.
4. We are grassroots, building support bottom-up, not top-down. Leadership is not imposed – it emerges from the masses.
5. We are very fast-moving, dynamic and efficient; not top-heavy; non-traditional and non-bureaucratic; we just get it done!
For more information about United with Israel, please Contact Us.

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