Son of Bitch by Hakim Haider

  • Today, he say, am take a decision. Am calls the Seniour Persons of the street and am say to them, Choose a person Me or He, because Boy is coming with asking a questions and also arguments which was in the favour of Non-Muslims, and he have raise my Blod pressure up.
  • Then Mulla say, See his ugly Tongue, his clever Tongue, See he do not know how speeks with elders persons. He not able to live in a Muslims. His mind are Non-Muslim and he just equal to DOG for sit under Shoes, he just Son of Bitch, nothing more.



Editors’ note: To those of you who have enquired, the author is a real man living in the Middle East who sent us these pieces because he is unable to share them with anyone where he lives. At first we tried to tidy up the English, but that seemed to knock much of the soul out of his work. So we made the editorial choice to present his work basically as he sent it; what you are seeing is the result of that choice. It is the way he sees the world from his point of view, unobstructed by editors. Perhaps think of it more as a different kind of article, more as folk art but in words. It is not meant to offend anyone or any religion. It always seemed, living among people from different nations, as if wrongnesses in English were often “righter” than rightnesses. The painter Paul Gauguin reportedly said: “If you see a tree as blue, then make it blue.” We apologize to anyone who may not like these postings. “Those who understand, understand.”

Daily whenever some One am calling me, he say, Hey Son of Bitch, Come here, do that, do this.

One day am disscuss this with my friend who ar Christian.

My friend say, But you are Muslim here, so are not need have Tenshin.

But am have Name, am say, So then why abusages? Are this word My Identity?

You are right, he say, but now what is we do? Look, am are Christian and every One have calling me this too. No one are give me a glass for drinking water. They thinks Christians are Non-Muslims and that they are Putrid and Non-Holy. Some Muslims is give me a water or like these things in Dog Bowl. Is it means that Muslims have Extremist not only for others but also for Muslims too?

You may right, am tell him

There is nothing for us here, he say. We are just for cleans the Gutter. If some One from Christians are get a education then Muslims thinks that we is just for him a Worker, nothing more. Muslim are treats with us like a Animals or worst.

Yes, am know, am tell him. Am also facing these. Can you tell me what are a defination of Christ religion?

Christ, he say, are a peace Full religion. Our Prophet say that if some One are Slap you on a Right Chick, then you may gave him Other Left Chick but Never Raise a Hand on him. What are on your Religion?

Our Religion, am say on him, are demand that if some One Cut you Hand then you may cut his Both hand, If some One kill your Brother than you may Kills his Brother and also him too.

So you do not thinks, he say, that this is a Extremist, our church? May ask you, If you are Muslim then you may allowed to come on our church, but why Non-Muslims not allowed to enter on a Mosque or enter also on a Makkah and Madina in Saudia Arab? Am have my Brother who is working at Saudia Arab. He is very found to see a Makkah and Madina so he go there, but a Police person catch them and the Judge are give a punishment and he are stay in Jail there for years.

Yes, am say, but do not have know the reason to this, but in next few days will gave you a Answer for your Question.

So am decide to go for ask this question on my Imaam Mosque (Mulla), and at night am go to the Imaam after Esha Prayer (last Prayer of Day). Imaam sitting on Bed, so am sits infront to him on floor.

When he looking me he say, How are you and why are you here for?

Sir, am say, Having question on Islam.

Yes ask, he say, questions is always comes from idiots like you.

Sir, am say, have my friend, we are works together, eats the meal together. Last day he is ask me a questions.

Ask, say Mulla, One by One.

Sir, am say, he asking me first, What are the defination of Islam?

Mulla look on me and say, This are a Complicated Question. The Defination of Islam Is Nothing. Because of Islam is a True Religion on Earth, and Muhammad P.B.U.H. was a Prophet of Allah, and all the Sayings of Muhammad is a defination of Islam.

Sir, am say, in Islam it is the rule to takes revenge, but in christ religion, it not. Christ religion say if some One for slap on your Right Chick than you may gave him other Left Chick for other slap, but in Islam When some One are Slap you then you may gave him two slap, why?

Mulla say, Look Islam is A Only True Religion and this is because people get a fear from Islam and accepts the Islam due to fear.

Sir, am say, Non-Muslims is Non-Allowed to enter in a Mosque and also in Makkah and Madina in Saudia Arab?

Look, he say, because these are Putrid and Unholy, and not superior than us. Muslims is A Superior Religion in the world. If Islam give permission to Non-Muslims, than this superiority is finish, that is why. And Makkah and Madina is A Superior Place in the world and the most peace Full place, that is why too.

Sir, am say, if the Makkah and Madina is a Superior Place than why Non-Muslims non-allowed there? If a Non-Muslims can Not see what are happening in the Makkah and Madina, then how they are follow Islam?

Mulla say, If you preech Islam then you may say first to accept the Islam, If they Not accept then you may Fight with him and at the end if he do not accept, than you Cut his Neck.

Cut his Neck, why, am say. Is this a Muslim or this a Extremist Muslim? If this are Islam, then how are Islam the Superior?

Mulla then down his Legs from Bed and say, If Islam are a Extremist Religion than you may are doing WHAT? Accepting the Christian? THESE are a peace Full Religion, according to you?

No Sir, am say, if am accepts the Christian religion, then Muslims Like you to kill me.

Mulla smile and put his one Leg on my one shoulder and say, Look it is a Islamic Fear because you are Never Left Islam.

No Sir, am say, it is not a Islamic Fear, it is a Terrorist People Fear, that is why.

Then Mulla put his second Leg on my Second Shoulder and say, If We are not here, than how are Islam is Run? This is because of Us and it is for Us our Duty to Raise The Islam in the World, because with Love, Peoples are not accept this.

Then Mulla say, It sound me you have eating with Non-Muslims Christian. You do not know that Muslims is not Allow to sit with Non-Muslims and you are doing this, Son of Bitch, you are eating with DOGS and ANIMALS, why you are do this?

Sir, am say, because Muslims is busy to spread Extremist and Terrorism so that is why am eat with Non- Muslim.

After this, he stand up and starts for Kicks me, then he are picks up a Sticks and say on me, Stand with walls and raise your both hand up and your chest are touch with wall.

Then he start with Sticks to beat me hardly. He are say, You do a friendship with NON- Muslim and eating with him, means you have eating with DOGS and SHEEPS!

During this, Mulla Wife knock the door and say, Which kind of voice is this and what you are doing here?

Nothing, Mulla say, After few minutes a DOG become a MUSLIM!

The pain are furious for me more stand, so am put my hand to my back, but then he start on hit me to the hands. All at once the sticks is brakes, but the Pain are too much, so am just keeps hands to hips.

Mulla say, You asking me a Questions, you are CHALLANGE me?

Then he Sit on the chair while am still with the wall.

Today, he say, am take a decision. Am calls the Seniour Persons of the street and am say to them, Choose a person Me or He, because Boy is coming with asking a questions and also arguments which was in the favour of Non-Muslims, and he have raise my Blod pressure up.

When listen this, am say to him, Please you not do this, if you do this then Street peoples do not give me for work, and my earnings is finish, please not you do this.

He just give me a Shut-up call with another abusaging Son of Bitch. After this he just go inside to house and take a Mobile and call Some One to come in Mosque with few persons, and after a Few whiles, more Mens to coming the Room. Am still standing with wall and broken sticks placed on the floor nearly me. All these mens starts offering regular Prayer in Mosque. One men look at me and say, So you again came here disturbs our Imaam.

No Sir, I tell him, am never disturb any One.

They are sits on chairs and Imaam Mulla sit on bed after shake a hand with every One.

All of them are Aged. One of them to saying, Imaam, why your face are red and you in sweat drip?

He are passing smiles on every One.

Mulla say, He is Boy and he is great headache for me. He is always raise question on Islam and always speak in the favour of Non-Muslim. Am much disturb due to this.

One person say that, You may broken a stick on this, take another one and broke on that.

Then they to laughs.

One Other of them say, Who are he, and what his Father name?

Other reply, He just like orphans and peoples gave him meat some time and he is wondering in the streets all the Time, he are just A Nothing Poor Boy and also have the Poor mother and father.

After this, all these person laughing with look on me.

Am listen that He are Poor and also his father and mother are poor, and some time people give him meal to eat.

Am reply, Godd knows am poor but have not request anyone to give me a meal to eat, and untill now none of you is give me a Single glass of water, and Do not use any Words about my father and mother. They have poor but they are not teach for kill or damage any human person.

After this, am stops. Then Mulla say, See his ugly Tongue, his clever Tongue, See he do not know how speeks with elders persons. He not able to live in a Muslims. His mind are Non-Muslim and he just equal to DOG for sit under Shoes, he just Son of Bitch, nothing more.

One person say, Now what we are do with this. If he stay here, than he may damage also the brains of our childrens too.

A Other person say, We thinks this later, but now we just help the Imaam Mullah take a sticks and beat him, then later we thinks if he are stay here or not.

All go again to passing smiles on one an Other.

He say to Imaam, Now you may take some rest and see what we do with him, You are in sweat drip before, so now you may sits and watch.

After listen this, am want to run from there but am unable because One person are standing in the door for take a Stick. Am try hide my Self at the corner of the room so sits there, but the Wall never hide me itself. Then a person hold a Plastic PVC Pipe and coming on me. He say for me to show the back but am sit at corner and try to save my Self from more beat but two person hold my Arms and Other person starts for beat me on the backs. Am try hard not to have beat but they keeping on, Back, Hips, and back side Legs, One by One. When they releasing my Arms, am pour down on Earth.

Then they are sits back on Chair while am for Floor.

After this, a Son of Mullah take in a dinner for every One.

(Image source: Ji-Elle/Wikimedia Commons)

Am watching them, then Am say on Mulla, Sir, may takes on this? May have eat?

One person say, No, nothing. Today he is already eat a Lot from Us, If he are digest This, then that are enough for him.

Every One again are Laughs heavily between them.

Together every One are eats a Dinner, After this, Mulla throw a piece of Bone to me and say, Hey, DOG, this are for you, Son of Bitch. Every one again have laughing on this.

After dinner Mulla serve a Tea for all these persons, and After take Tea, One person say, Now what is doing with This?

Other One say, He are just equal to garbage so throws him any Place, Nothing will effect.

Mulla say, Now listen all of you, you may select one person Me or He?

One person say, How is you talk like this, how it is possible we keeps a DOG and lose A Islamic Leader?

Mulla say, Now it are up to you what you will do, am for not interrupt.

One person say on me, Where is your father and where are you live?

My father are on the bed, am tell him, not Able for move, and we are live situated near by high Way.

One person say, Yes he is just like orphans, or like a Street Dogs or animals, he are useless, just like his mother and father.

When listen this am say, My mother and father not are useless but may be I am the useless because am never hurts on any one.

After, one person stands up from chair and hold the Pipe again and start me again with beat. After this he put the Foot down on my head and say on me, Now if you speaks more any Thing, am cuts you the Tongue.

Then All these decides to kick Boy out from street, and if next time he are seen by any One in a Street or with the Mosque, then catch to him and beat again till death.

The person who are standing on me say, You will come on here again?

No, am tell him, never come.

After this he put back the foot back down on floor from my head and kick to me again.

One person say, This not a good way to release. I hope soo that he Will come here again. Am enjoy to learning him.

Other person say, Do not trust on this, may Be he are Likes this and after the month he are comes for here again.

A Other person say, Are not worry. This time ten persons beats him so next time will be fifty.

All to Laughing.

One say then, Thanks Godd Satanical mind is gone and a Islamic Leader is safe and in between us. Now every One can decide on slaps, Last Time, One by One, and after Last kick-push, will give to Imaam For throw him out to mosque.

So every One are slaps me, and last, from Room to Mosque Gate, Imaam start to push at me with feet kicks. At last they very sharp release me.

It too pain Full for run, but after efforts, an reach under the Shadow of a Shop Shade store.

At morning shop keeper give me a Packet of biscuits and a Water for drinking. After using, am go on for my friend.

Why you are going there? he tell me.

Am going there for defination of Islam, am tell him, and a answer of your question about Makkah and Madeena.

So, he say, what you got the answer?

Yes, am tell him. The answer are Nothing. Muslims saying, We think right, other one wrong.

This was My last questions and After am never asking question on any Muslim. But am often thinking that My Parents not for in good condition.

These mens, they thinks that am Orphans, and equals to garbage, which, by seeing, it may true, but reality are farther.

Am feeling pain servirile days continue but am not call to any One . Am missing most my mother’s lap. Am miss her soft hand touch my Chick. But not am Son of Bitch. Bitch are not my mother. But if a place who are Berething and Growing for Extremism and Terrorism thaughts that am a Son of Bitch, then am not minds this.

Hakim Haider is a (real) Muslim based in the Middle East.

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