Israelis Barred from Entering Jordan with Jewish Religious Objects

Jordanian authorities at the Israel-Jordan border again prevented Israelis from entering the country with religious objects used on a daily basis by Orthodox Jews.

A Jewish family from Jerusalem that wanted to tour Jordan informed the Israeli Foreign Ministry that when they were about to enter the country via the Yitzhak Rabin Border Terminal near Eilat, they were asked to remove their yarmulkes and leave them with the Jordanian guards.

Another Israeli who crossed the border the same day was asked not to bring his tefillin (prayer phylacteries) with him. Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon said in response to the claims that the ministry would discuss the incidents in which “ritual objects were confiscated from Israelis by Jordanian police.”

Nahshon said that “one option that will be examined is to hold a friendly conversation with the Jordanian ambassador.” The events are the latest in a string of similar incidents in which Jordan prevented Israelis from carrying Jewish ritual objects such as tefillin, prayer shawls, and yarmulkes into the country.


By: Israel Hayom/Exclusive to

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