How Nairobi City became Spy Headquarters

This call is intended for all Rwandans wherever it occurs, but especially in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi Zambia and Mozambique. These cries alert particularly Rwandan refugees wherever they find. The fellow refugees, the Kigali regime that certain a way , is aware of his failure in all attempts to forcibly repatriate Rwandan refugees who , as you know, fled injustice, discrimination, persecution , exclusion, … This regime finds that his end is near just be a Commando network to identify and eliminate physically by any means (murder , poisoning ) any person he considers enemy.

Here are the facts:

Dated July 20, 2009, a group of 18 young men left Nairobi to Kigali. The organizers of this trip ( the Embassy of Rwanda in Nairobi and the Diaspora chaired by Mr. Charles NYANDWI , former Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research under fire President Juvenal Habyarimana ) deceived the youth that trip was intended to visit Rwanda. But concretely, on arrival on July 21 2009 they were transported directly to the military training center Gako ( Bugesera ) where they followed for two weeks , a tight military training and political-ideological formation under of surggeration .

This military training emphasized more on the learning and use of small arms, easily portable and handy ( pistol kalachinkov , grenades, anti – personnel mines ) .


During their stay, they were received by:

– Paul Kagame (President) and his wife at the Serena Hotel deKigali .

– Bernard Makuza , Prime Minister.

At  Gako , they were visited by :

– General James Kabarebe , Chief of Staff

– General Kayisari

Major General Paul Rwarakabije , former FDLR commander and current vice president of the Committee démobilisation.Boniface Rucagu President Intore At the politico- ideological training , they have been defined that they should consider the enemy of Rwanda .

These are:

Anyone who now fled Rwanda – anyone aged 30 and over who are outside the territory Rwandans. The end of the training, these young people have returned to Nairobi where they have arrived to on 08th.08.2009 with Rwandan passports. According to them, these passports

Will enable them to move freely whereve to fill the dirty mission of the regime of Kigali told them that their missions are (identification and elimination of refugees).

Here are some names of these young people who reside in Kenya:

1 . Ndangiza Célestin alias Kombozi , residing in Muthama , Ngina road

  1. Karambizi Joseph ( name in the passport = Karamage Jean d’ Amour) alias Kamau or Shwiriri , residing in Muthama .
  2. Kayiranga and Musonera ( were brothers ) living in Kawangware .
  3. Miss Angel … residing in Kawangware .
  4. Mutaganda Bosco (married and father of a girl) living close to Waithaka

Dagoretti High School.

  1. Bihoyiki Cedrick , Muthama
  2. Hirwa Fabrice Muthama , Wairimu road
  3. Niyonkuru Jean Marie Vianney alias Lorero , Kawangware .
  4. Kwizera ( Banyerera ) Jacques , Kawangware and Githurai
  5. Azarie alias Hassan, Kawangware close to El Shadai Estate.
  6. Assumani , Eldoret
  7. Munyaneza Cyprian Waithaka .

The list is not exhaustive. We will soon send you the complete and their photos in military uniform.

For Rwandans living in Nairobi, here are the places that we now frequenter with caution:

  1. Dan’s Bar, Kawangware
  2. Njoro’s Bar, Kawangware
  3. Motherland Bar, Adams Arcade
  4. Simmers (Downtown)
  5. All bus stops


In the bar, the trap is on skewers. ” Ushaka umuhutu amutegera ku nda’ they say . These young people held a meeting this Sunday, 8/30/2009 at St. Vincent Hospital Dagoretti Corner. The purpose of the meeting was to receive funds to begin the dirty all Rwandans located in Europe, America or elsewhere by this network is operational . Be vigilant, always remember to Albert Einstein this teaching: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who reside and refuse to act. ‘ Do not accept to die before that the Kagame regime crumbles. Overall, the victory is proche.A wise , half word is enough !

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