Dear Friend,

Dear Friend,

Around this time yesterday, we sent you an email about our Fruit Tree Campaign.

As you probably know, the Sabbatical Year (Shmita) is almost here are there are now less than 12 days left to plant in Israel.

In an effort to help observant Israeli farmers, we are trying to get as many trees in the ground while there is still time.

Within the hour of when the email was sent, the enemies of Israel overloaded our server with million of requests, in an effort to shut us down.

Our site was actually shut down. We got tons of emails telling us that many of you were not able to participate in our fruit tree planting campaign.

We worked diligently through the night to upgrade our systems and get the best protection possible on very short notice.

Along with the IDF and other Israeli government sites, we had experienced numerous cyber-attacks during the Gaza War in November 2012, and had upgraded then, but apparently it wasn’t good enough.

We cannot let Hamas win on any front – including the cyber-war.

What you can do in response is plant even more! Click here to plant…

Whether or not you experienced this or any other cyber-attack…

Whether or not you thought how YOU can help to defeat Hamas…

… and whether or not you’ve already planted fruit trees in Israel…

Together, let’s turn this attack into something positive for Israel. Don’t let them shut us down. We can defeat Hamas by doing even more and more for Israel.

Click here to Plant Fruit Trees in Israel within the Next 11 Days

If you experience any problem whatsoever with our website, please let us know immediately! Your timely feedback is critical for our efforts to advocate for Israel.

If you are interested in supporting the effort to win the war for Israel in the media – and on the battlefield of public opinion – click here to donate.

We thank you for standing united with Israel throughout these difficult times. Your help is so vital and is greatly appreciated.

With Blessings from Israel, 
The United with Israel Family

Click Here to Help MORE Israeli Farmers by planting MORE Fruit Trees

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