ACT NOW! Tell Companies to Pressure Twitter to Stop Running Their Ads on Pages that Promote Terror

Companies’ ads are appearing on ISIS terrorist Twitter accounts, but do the advertiser’s know this? Social media sites allow terrorist groups to publish videos that incite to violence and murder. Tell companies to demand that social sites stop promoting terror or they will stop buying ads.

It’s bad enough that sites like Facebook and YouTube allow terrorist elements to incite to violence online. But what about the companies whose ads appear alongside these dangerous posts? Are the companies okay with their logo and ad showing up next to a call to murder Jews?

Assuming this is not the case, it is up to us to inform some of these companies that their ads are appearing in the wrong places. These companies will, hopefully, turn to the social media sites and insist on preventing their ads from being displayed alongside terror-inciting videos and posts.

This is where you come in. We need your help in contacting these companies to inform them how their ads are damaging and unacceptable. Tell them to wake up and ensure that their ads do not contribute to terror incitement, nor allow for profiteering from online terror.

Not only does Twitter allow ads to appear on these offending pages, but Twitter allows these terrorists to use the social media site freely! For instance, the following ISIS terrorist using Twitter delights in the fact that Twitter only shut him down temporarily:

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