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Jihadism: The Fear That Dare Not Speak its Name by Dexter Van Zile

  • Anti-Zionism delays having to face the threats to world peace and human rights presented by Muslim supremacism.”One girl had boiling water held over her throat: another had her tongue nailed to a table.” — Peter McGloughlin, Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal.Muslims who spoke in opposition to the grooming behavior learned that no one outside their community had their back. Clearly, some form of displacement is going on. Jews are safe to criticize; jihadists are not.

A Master’s Degree in Whitewashing Islam The University of Oslo Rewards a Promising Apologist by Bruce Bawer

I routinely find the website to be more reliable on the facts than the state-owned TV and radio stations or any of the big private (but, in many cases, state-supported) dailies.

Norway’s Bewildering Election by Bruce Bawer

Norway is the happy beneficiary of North Sea oil; yet for decades, oil profits have piled up a government fund while Norwegians have paid the highest gasoline prices in the world.

The Thought Police Strike Again by Giulio Meotti

  • This politically correct nonsense highlights even further the infantilization of our culture — such as the demand for “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings”. It may look like a comedy, but its effect is deadly serious.Groupthink is a debilitating force. in any civilization. It undermines one’s ability to resist the real enemies of democracy and freedom: it makes us blind to radical Islam and jihadi terrorism, and it gives the impression that our society is a joke.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to National Union conference

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