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Where Are the Weapons? Israel is Defending Freedom against Tyranny for All of Us; It Needs the Weapons Promised It

It is with good reason that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu complains that the US is withholding, or “slow-walking,” military supplies. Pictured: A shipment of 155 mm artillery shells is transported by truck in southern Israel, on October 14, 2023.

France: The Perils of an Election

[Jean-Marie Le Pen] learned from General Boulanger’s strategy of merging the monarchist right with the radical revolutionary left by working on two key constituencies: the urban working class increasingly disillusioned with Stalinist and social democratic parties, and the dwindling farming communities that felt threatened by free trade and globalization.

Project y’impunzi zari kuzaturuka mu Bwongereza umushinga wari wateguriwe Silas Rwakabamba files numbers yawucriyeho iteka rya burundu nyuma yuko Sunak Rishi atsinzwe amatora!!!


      S_B_R 24

Biden: Debate night was disastrous to me



This Is Democracy and This is What It Looks Like

Democracy and American politics are chaotic, unpredictable, and a mystery to our enemies.In response to the Biden-Trump presidential faceoff, the Russian media is having a field day, believing that our national conversation over the recent debate reflects democracy’s dry rot. Consider this quote….

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